AMC will air a three-part limited series based on ‘Blackberry’.

AMC Transforms Matt Johnson’s ‘Blackberry’ into a TV Series

Film buffs and series enthusiasts, brace yourselves! AMC joins the parade of networks that transform compellingly strong movies into TV series. Or should we say, ‘TV events’? Just in, Matt Johnson’s critically acclaimed film, “Blackberry”, originally released this spring, will soon resurface in a new avatar on your favorite TV network.

‘Blackberry’ From Silver Screen to Small Screen

AMC has announced today that Johnson’s riveting film won’t just screen as a movie but will instead unfold in three 40-minute episodes for its television premiere.

Deconstructing the Game-Changing Film

“Blackberry” is an intriguing exploration into the rise and fall of the BlackBerry smartphone and the inventive Canadians behind its creation, right before Apple seized the day. The film features a stellar cast including Jay Baruchel, Glenn Howerton, and even Johnson himself. Its captivating 124-minute runtime, filled with ups, downs, and dramatic tech-world battles, kept audiences hooked from start to finish.

The Tale of Unyielding Effort

The film doesn’t necessarily aim to revolutionize the cinema or be a pioneer. Instead, it remains an engaging, well-scripted, true story about passionate professionals relentlessly striving to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological world.

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