Angus Cloud stars in ‘Your Lucky Day’ trailer about lottery chaos

Your Lucky Day Trailer: Angus Cloud Stars in High-Stake Lottery Thriller

“This could be our chance at a better life…” And that’s how the wild tango for a fortune begins. The trailer for the upcoming indie thriller Your Lucky Day, unveiled by Well Go USA, offers a gritty, neon-lit look into a story of greed, desperation, and America’s obsession with easy riches. Set to premiere in November following its debut at Fantastic Fest, the suspenseful plot revolves around a dramatic hostage situation sparked by a winning lottery ticket worth a staggering $156 million.

The film stands as a memorial to talented young actor Angus Cloud, who tragically passed away in July of this year. The late Cloud stars alongside Elliot Knight, Jessica Garza, Sterling Beaumon, Mousa Hussein Kraish, Spencer Garrett, and Jason O’Mara.

A deadly stand-off in a humble corner store spirals into chaos after a winning lottery ticket becomes the bone of contention. When a beat cop intervenes, unintentionally shooting the lottery winner, all hell breaks loose. Now, greed and desperation set the stage for gruesome survival. Your Lucky Day shines a glaring neon light on the underbelly of the American dream, making a harsh commentary on our obsession with money.

Your Lucky Day signals the directorial debut of acclaimed American filmmaker Daniel Brown. The production is helmed by producers Luke Barnett and Adam Baxter. The suspense-packed thriller first premiered at the sensational Fantastic Fest 2023 in Austin. You can watch it in select theaters starting November 10th, 2023, and on VOD from November 14th.

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