Doctor provides detailed analysis of Glenn’s death scene

Fans are often left grappling with the sudden and unexpected demise of a beloved character in a long-running TV series. It leaves an indelible mark, especially when the death is graphically portrayed. One such unforgettable moment was Glenn’s heart-wrenching death in Season 7 of “The Walking Dead”.

The series concluded its final episode last year, leaving behind a trail of loss and heartbreak over its 11 seasons. Yet, among the numerous characters who met their end, the portrayal of Glenn by Steven Yeun and his tragic demise remains etched in the fans’ memories as one of the darkest moments.

Recently, the fascination surrounding Glenn’s death was revived due to a video released on the Doctor ER YouTube channel. In it, emergency room physician Dr. Jordan Wagner took a clinical perspective to analyze Glenn’s grisly death scene for its medical accuracy and possible injuries resulting from head trauma.

With an astute eye, Dr. Wagner deconstructs the chilling moments of Glenn’s death under Negan’s heavy bat. He makes a chilling remark, “Big mallet, piece of wood, crushing somebody’s skull. Could it actually happen with enough continuous blunt trauma and force? Yes.”

Going further, Wagner addressed the alarming sight of Glenn’s protruding eye as a result of the blow, shedding light on the medical condition known as retrobulbar hematoma – a formation of a blood-filled pocket behind the eye, causing it to bulge.

The Deeper Layers of Glenn’s Death: A Medical and Narrative Analysis

From a medical standpoint, one of the most severe risks in traumatic incidents like this pertains to potential brain damage. Dr. Wagner mentions the possibility of damage to Broca’s area of the brain, responsible for speech, potentially leading to speechlessness. He painted a vivid – albeit grisly – picture of what attendees are faced with in the ER, “When you actually have just brain matter, it’s actually just grayish white.”

In addition to the medical analysis, we also can’t overlook the emotional aspect. “The Walking Dead” had seen a number of character losses before reaching Season 7. However, Glenn’s death impacted fans on a profound level, his evolution from naive youth to competent defender in the post-apocalyptic world was truly admirable. The abrupt and gruesome nature of his demise greatly contrasted his heroic persona, leading fans to grieve in shock and disbelief.

Perhaps, it was the culmination of character arc, shocking suddenness of his death, and graphic portrayal of his death scene that led to controversies. Many fans felt that the show had crossed a line by leaning heavily into shock value. This sentiment was fueled further by the Season 6 deceptive “death” narrative of Glenn.

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Despite the controversies, “The Walking Dead” leaves a grand legacy, known for its profound ability to move its audience. The narrative of Glenn’s death showcases the mirroring of fictional tales to our perceptions of reality.

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