‘Holy Frit’ documentary on massive stained-glass window releases trailer

An Epic Artistic Journey – ‘Holy Frit’ Documentary Unveils Its Official Trailer

Abramorama introduces an enthralling narrative with the official trailer for the documentary, ‘Holy Frit’. The cinematic piece highlights the intriguing tale of Tim Carey, a talented yet obscure Los Angeles-based artist who has taken on an audacious task: creating the world’s largest stained-glass window of its kind.

With an unprecedented design and no practical knowledge on how to bring it to life, this venture proved to be a mammoth challenge. The documentary narrates Tim’s quest for a solution that leads him to the world-renowned Italian glass maestro, Narcissus Quagliata—a veteran who can manipulate glass in ways that Tim wasn’t aware were conceivable. When Narcissus steps in, Tim realizes that his individual talent and wit may not be sufficient to see this colossal project through. Will they be able to pull it off successfully? Only the full feature documentary reveals it all.

Witness the Official Trailer for ‘Holy Frit’

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Holy Frit Poster

This gripping documentary spins a tale of a three-year visceral race against time as Tim pulls all stops to fulfil his towering vision. The esteemed glass maestro, Narcissus, steps into the frame, holding the fortunes of three communities in his hands, and changing everything! Directed by Justin S. Monroe, who’s also known for his previous documentary, ‘The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher’, ‘Holy Frit’ is set to debut in select US theaters (NY & LA) starting October 27th, 2023. Don’t forget to check their official site for more information!

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