‘Oppenheimer’ will ultimately not reach the $1 billion mark.

“Oppenheimer” Falls Short of Billion Dollar Benchmark

According to the entertainment heavyweight Variety, a quick glance at the up-to-the-minute box office data will reveal that “Oppenheimer” isn’t expected to crack the billion-dollar mark in its global box office run. With projections topping out around $950 million, “Oppenheimer” is putting up impressive financials, even if it doesn’t join the exclusive billion-dollar club.

Re-Release and Awards Season Could Push it Over

But the billion-dollar barrier isn’t entirely out of reach. A prospective re-release in IMAX or a sweep during awards season could bolster the film’s earnings and help it cross that coveted line. We’re talking about potential Oscar nominations here, and if we’ve seen anything, it’s that recognition from The Academy can give any flick a healthy box office bump.

“Oppenheimer” Climbs the R-Rating Ladder

As it stands, “Oppenheimer” is no financial flop. With a hefty $934 million in earning to date, it’s secured its place as the second highest-grossing R-rated film of all time. That’s no minor feat in a genre that’s produced powerhouse hits like “Deadpool” and “Hangover.”

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