Weekly Shots: Daryl Dixon is Back Plus Horror, Dark Comedies, Intense Dramas and Virgin River

Welcome back to another installment of Weekly Shots, your go-to guide for all things cinematic. This week’s lineup has it all, from dark comedies and real-life horrors to compelling dramas and even some soap opera goodness. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (Series Premiere)

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Norman Reedus reprises his role as the iconic Daryl Dixon in this spinoff series. After leaving the Commonwealth, Daryl finds himself in France, the origin of the zombie virus. Recruited by warrior nun Isabelle, Daryl embarks on a perilous mission to escort a child with miraculous abilities. It’s a fresh chapter in The Walking Dead universe, set against an international backdrop.

Premieres Sunday, Sept. 10 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC (via Sling or Fubo)
Where to Stream: AMC+

‘Stane’ (Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović)

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The Croatian filmmaker’s potent narrative explores the complexity of family betrayal within an expatriate community. A film you’ll find yourself pondering long after the credits roll.

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‘Goddamned Asura’ (Lou Yi-an)

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This Oscar-representative film from Taiwan dissects the complexities of a shocking shooting incident in Taipei. It’s a raw, emotionally charged experience you shouldn’t miss.

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‘The Adults’ (Dustin Guy Defa)

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Dustin Guy Defa delivers a poignant look at the illusions of adulthood through the lens of a family reunion. A must-watch for anyone who’s ever felt the complex tug of home.

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‘Amanda’ (Carolina Cavalli)

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Carolina Cavalli makes a stellar debut with “Amanda,” a film that masterfully blends existential angst with dark humor. Set against the backdrop of an Italian villa, it explores the internal struggles of a young woman born into luxury yet grappling with the very real feeling of emptiness.

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‘Virgin River’ (Season 5)

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If you’re in the mood for some guilty-pleasure viewing, the fifth season of “Virgin River” is here to deliver. From tumultuous relationships to shocking paternity results, the drama remains at an all-time high.

Where to Stream: Netflix

‘The Changeling’

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In this horror fairy tale, LaKeith Stanfield delivers a compelling performance as Apollo, a man whose life turns upside down when his wife goes missing shortly after childbirth. It’s a gripping and atmospheric adaptation of the Victor LaValle story.

Where to Stream: Apple TV+

‘El Conde’ (Pablo Larraín)

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This unique blend of dark comedy and historical horror imagines Augusto Pinochet as a vampire. The film offers a thought-provoking perspective on legacy and morality.

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Thank you for joining us for another week of must-watch films and shows. Be sure to come back for the next installment of Weekly Shots for more handpicked recommendations. Until then, grab that remote and dive into a world of cinematic magic. Happy streaming!

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