#Venezia80: Richard Linklater’s ‘Hit Man’ Left Critics and Audience Floored

In an exciting twist at the Venice Film Festival, Richard Linklater’s latest work, “Hit Man,” received an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience. Despite not being in the competition, the film managed to create a big stir.

Film Received as a ‘Masterpiece’

Confusion filled the air as to why the film was not part of the competing roster. Some attendees deemed it a confluence of humor and profundity; one called it a masterpiece in its own right.

‘Floored’ Critics and Swarms of Applause

An enthralled critic expressed that the movie was so substantially impressive that it left him ‘floored.’ He added that it stands as one of the iconic films in Linklater’s distinguished career. The unique fusion of drama and comedy in the film was lauded for its originality. The uproar of applause it received was unmatched in the 80th Venice Film Festival so far.

A Closer Look: ‘Hit Man’

“Hit Man” features Glenn Powell (known for Top Gun: Maverick) in the lead role of Gary Johnson, a staff investigator turned hit man in a quest to trap those hiring hit men. The film is classified as a drama-comedy, in a unique blend.

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Linklater’s Recent Successes

Off the back of receiving critical praise in France for “Apollo 10 1/2,” which was also well-received in the United States, Linklater’s impact continues. The prominent French film journal Cahiers du Cinema listed it among their top ten films for 2022.

Linklater’s Unique Filmography

Linklater is lauded for his varied and original body of work—a masterful journey into Linklater’s 1960s Texas in “Apollo 10 1/2.” This is just a recent addition to an already rich collection including “Dazed and Confused,” “Waking Life,” “The School of Rock,” “Boyhood” and the ‘Before’ trilogy, and more.

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