Gary Oldman Joins Paolo Sorrentino’s New Film

Gary Oldman Joins the Cast of Paolo Sorrentino’s New Untitled Film

Veteran actor Gary Oldman has signed on to be part of Italian director Paolo Sorrentino’s upcoming untitled project. The scale of Oldman’s involvement in the story – whether starring or supporting – still needs to be determined (source: Deadline).

Sorrentino’s Upcoming Film: Production Details

In a previous report from April, Sorrentino announced his plans to kick off shooting for this film in Naples and Capri. This grand-scale production was projected to run from May to September, suggesting a potential premiere either at Cannes or Venice in the next calendar year.

Sorrentino’s New Film: Teases of Plot

The plot of Sorrentino’s film is believed to take inspiration from a famed Neapolitan folklore: The Siren of Parthenope. However, this tale is hinted to serve only as an inception point of the larger narrative. Gossip suggests a tale spanning across several Neapolitan periods, journeying through different times and exploring themes like San Gennaro.

Sorrentino’s Cinematic Journey Thus Far

Sorrentino’s recent accolades include a Grand Jury Prize at Venice for his 2021 film, “The Hand of God,” and a nomination for the Best International Film Oscar. His portfolio also boasts of critically acclaimed films like “The Great Beauty” and “Il Divo.”

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