KamiErabi GOD.app – Official Teaser Trailer (Yoko Taro) English Sub

Feast your eyes on the first look at the enticing teaser trailer for KamiErabi GOD.app, the anticipated anime series from Yoko Taro’s original blueprint, well-known for his stellar contributions to NieR and Drakengard. Shaping up to be an anime sensation, KamiErabi GOD.app, brought into being under the masterful direction of Hiroyuki Seshita, famed for his impact on shows like Ajin, Knights of Sidonia, and BLAME!, is an enriching collaboration with the UNEND animation studio.

Adding another layer of narrative expertise, the series narrative framework and scripts are crafted by JIN, who’s previously left a mark with Kagero Project. Rounding off this ensemble of creative genius, Atsushi Ohkubo, the brilliant mind behind Soul Eater and FIRE FORCE, lends his artistic flair to character designs in the series.

Tune in to witness the captivating world of KamiErabi GOD.app come to life as it graces Japan’s Fuji TV, forming part of the “+Ultra” programming segment in October 2023. Global fans need not fret as the anime series will also be featuring on Crunchyroll’s Fall 2023 anime simulcast roster.

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