The Kill Room trailer: Uma Thurman stars with daughter Maya Hawke and reunites with Samuel L. Jackson

The Thurman-Hawke Dynasty Takes on Crime and Canvas

It’s not just a movie—it’s a family gathering. Uma Thurman teams up with her daughter, Maya Hawke, in a tantalizing mix of crime, comedy, and the contemporary art scene in “The Kill Room”.

When “Pulp Fiction” Meets the Art World

Bringing nostalgia to the forefront, Samuel L. Jackson reunites with Thurman for the first time since their iconic roles in “Pulp Fiction”. But there’s more—a star-studded ensemble featuring Joe Manganiello, Debi Mazar, and more graces this crime caper, helmed by Nicol Paone of “Friendsgiving” fame.

From “Stranger Things” to the Silver Screen

Hawke, celebrated for her role in “Stranger Things”, isn’t a newbie to working with family. With a past venture alongside father, Ethan Hawke, in “Wildcat”, Maya’s partnership with her mother in “The Kill Room” only heightens the anticipation.

The Alluring Web of Crime, Art, and Identity

As the trailer tantalizingly teases, there’s money laundering, mob ties, and most intriguingly—the enigmatic “Bagman”, whose artwork becomes an unexpected sensation in New York’s elite art circles. With characters, including Maya’s, vying to uncover the Bagman’s real identity, tensions rise.

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A Plot Twist as Vibrant as a Pollock Painting

Discovering that she’s been cleaning money drenched in blood—not just drug deals as she had presumed—Thurman’s character devises an audacious scheme. Targeting an elusive Russian oligarch at Miami’s grandest art fair, she aims to free herself and Reggie from their criminal chains.

Release Date Update!

Heads up, movie buffs! Mark your calendars for Sep. 29, as Shout! Studios updates “The Kill Room”‘s debut date. Prepare to be enthralled!