"Shrinking" brings Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein's signature cozy and heartwarming escapism you have found in Ted Lasso.

“Shrinking” – a heartwarming mental health comedy

A Decade of Quirky Indie Comedy

In the past, a story like “Shrinking” might have been just another indie comedy that would soon be forgotten. But after premiering on Apple TV+, “Shrinking” proves to be more than just another quirky comedy. Co-created by Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Segel, the show masterfully blends its quirky humor with meaningful character development, making it a standout in its genre.

Bad Therapist – Good Characters

The comedy in “Shrinking” starts off a bit rocky, relying on Jason Segel’s signature comedic style as the lead therapist, Jimmy. But as the show progresses, it finds its footing by focusing on its diverse and well-developed cast of characters. Everyone on the show has their own unique set of problems, and the series explores the relationships and dynamics between these characters as they work towards growth and healing.

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From Sweet to Bracing Jokes

One of the standout characters in the show is Sean, a Black veteran played by Luke Tennie. When Jimmy starts working with Sean, he takes a wild professional leap by taking him to a boxing gym for a therapy session. This leads to a series of events that test the boundaries of their professional relationship, but also adds a new level of humor to the show. “Shrinking” tackles sensitive topics like racial optics and mental health, but it does so in a way that is both thought-provoking and entertaining.

Grounded Goofiness at the Center

As the show continues, Jimmy’s grounded goofiness becomes the center of the show and elevates its mental health comedy to a new level. He is a therapist who is both quirky and relatable, and the show’s humor becomes darker and more poignant as it tackles issues like death and illness.

Supporting Cast Steals the Show

Jason Segel is surrounded by a talented supporting cast who bring their own unique brand of humor to the show. Harrison Ford‘s grumpy and unamused Paul provides a stark contrast to Jessica Williams’ cheerful and optimistic Gabby. The chemistry between these characters is both calibrated and effective, making for some of the most heartwarming moments in the show.

Taking its Time to Get to the Heart of the Matter

“Shrinking” is a show that takes its time to get to the heart of the matter, but the strong characters and dynamic relationships keep the series interesting and engaging. It’s a hangout show where you care about the honesty and growth of each character. With its sunny Pasadena setting, “Shrinking” provides a cozy and heartwarming escape from reality.

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"Shrinking" brings Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein's signature cozy and heartwarming escapism you have found in Ted Lasso."Shrinking" - a heartwarming mental health comedy