Silo on Apple TV+ review: A sci-fi masterstroke that boldly reimagines TV storytelling

Apple TV+’s new spectacular sci-fi hit, “Silo,” is rewriting the rules of the genre, delivering an experience akin to an enthralling page-turner rather than your standard television drama. Launching with a bang with a two-episode premiere and following up with weekly treats, “Silo” is an ambitious venture, standing tall amidst predecessors such as “Blade Runner” and “The Expanse,” but with an identity distinctly its own.

“Silo” rekindles the joy of episodic television, painting each episode as a vibrant chapter in a captivating novel. The grand premiere leaves you starry-eyed and firmly seats you into a world that doesn’t rely on one primary hero. Instead, “Silo” fearlessly spins multiple narrative arcs, engages with profound themes, and deftly shifts focus between characters, demanding an equal level of trust from the audience.

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The intrigue begins with the unveiling of the titular Silo, an underground sanctuary for just over 10,000 survivors of an unknown cataclysm. The inhabitants of this subterranean bastion are kept in the dark about the nature of their existence and the state of the world outside. Enter Allison (Rashida Jones), who begins to question the powers that be, setting the wheels of rebellion in motion.

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As the narrative takes root, “Silo” introduces a host of compelling characters, eventually gravitating towards Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson), a worker from the mechanical floors at the Silo’s base. The depth of her character and the enigmatic world she exists in – a world crafted meticulously by the genius of Graham Yost (“Justified,” “The Americans”) and director Morten Tyldum (“The Imitation Game”) – keep us riveted.

“Silo” does not spoon-feed its audience. Instead, it bravely immerses you into a world of confusion and suspense, mirroring the bewilderment of its characters. The writing team masterfully executes this complex narrative design, keeping us always one step behind, yet curiously engaged with the unraveling mystery.

As any great sci-fi should, “Silo” reflects the socio-political realities of our world. It prompts us to question the sanctity of knowledge and history, control over personal freedoms, and explores metaphysical themes that will likely be dissected from numerous angles.

The captivating narrative and Yost’s involvement have drawn a stellar cast, including names like Iain Glen, Harriet Walter, and Will Patton. But it’s Ferguson’s portrayal of Juliette that shines bright, her perfect blend of intelligence and skepticism lending an air of authenticity to the character.

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While “Silo” can occasionally be overwhelming with its rich tapestry of characters and ideas, this whirlwind ride is an intentional part of its charm. The show is a tantalizing universe that leaves you yearning to delve deeper into its intricacies rather than simply chasing the narrative. It’s a minor quibble for what is a true standout show, arguably one of 2023’s best offerings.

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