Dan Da Dan Anime: Theatrical Release Date for First 3 Episodes Announced

GKIDS has announced that Studio Science SARU’s eagerly awaited Dan Da Dan anime series will have a theatrical release before its streaming debut on Crunchyroll and Netflix. The series follows the story of Momo, a high school girl from a family of spirit mediums, and her classmate Okarun, an occult enthusiast. After Momo rescues Okarun from being bullied, they engage in a debate: Momo believes in ghosts but dismisses aliens, while Okarun believes in aliens but denies ghosts. To prove each other wrong, they visit locations known for paranormal activity, leading them to discover overwhelming phenomena and unlock hidden powers.

When is the theatrical release date for Dan Da Dan anime?

The first three episodes of the Dan Da Dan anime will hit theaters nationwide starting on Friday, September 13, under the title Dan Da Dan: First Encounter. The premiere will also feature an exclusive interview with the original manga’s author Yukinobu Tatsu, editor Shihei Lin, the anime’s director Fuga Yamashiro, and voice actors Shion Wakayama and Natsuki Hanae.

Dan Da Dan Anime Theatrical Release Date For First 3

Dan Da Dan focuses on two high school students, Momo and Okarun. Momo, who comes from a lineage of spirit mediums, firmly believes in ghosts. Okarun, on the other hand, is fascinated by everything related to the occult, especially UFOs. The anime is presented as a thrilling, action-packed tribute to sci-fi and horror, combined with the humor of a teen rom-com. The voice cast includes Shion Wakayama (Lycoris Recoil), Natsuki Hanae (Demon Slayer), Mayumi Tanaka (One Piece), and Kazuya Nakai (One Piece). The series will feature original music from Chainsaw Man’s Kensuke Ushio.

Wrapping Up

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The Dan Da Dan anime series, created by Studio Science SARU, is set to captivate audiences with its unique blend of paranormal adventure and teenage romance. Don’t miss the theatrical release starting September 13. For more information and updates, visit HitPlay.

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