Microsoft Reimbursing Players for Cancelled Redfall DLC Purchases

In light of significant studio closures at Bethesda, Microsoft has announced refunds for purchasers of Redfall’s premium Bite Back edition.

The Bite Back edition of Arkane Austin’s vampire shooter, Redfall, was expected to include the Redfall Hero Pass, featuring two additional characters for the game. In November, the studio had indicated it was “continuing development of The Hero Pass and we’re excited to share more about Redfall’s new heroes and other updates later next year”.

However, following the studio’s closure last month, Arkane Austin confirmed that the Hero Pass DLC for Redfall would no longer be released. The studio stated that those who bought the DLC via the Bite Back edition or base game upgrade would receive credit equivalent to the pass’s value.

Refund Process

About a month after these refunds were first announced, Microsoft began reimbursing players. Several reports indicate that Microsoft has been automatically refunding the full amount of the DLC, even if a refund had not been explicitly requested.

Some players who purchased a physical edition of the Bite Back Upgrade reported they are still awaiting their credit. Affected customers can contact Bethesda customer support for guidance on how to request a refund.

Redfall’s Final Update

At the end of May, Arkane Austin released Redfall’s final update, version 1.451.3.0, referencing the 0-4-5-1 easter egg common in video games for nearly three decades. This update introduced an offline mode to Redfall, along with other features.

Wrapping Up

As players receive refunds for the anticipated but canceled content, the closure of Arkane Austin and other Bethesda studios raises questions about the future of Xbox Game Pass publishing.

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