GTA Trilogy Reaches 30 Million Downloads on Netflix

Recent data indicates that Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto (GTA) trilogy has accumulated over 30 million downloads on Netflix. Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, and San Andreas became available on the streaming service in December. This followed earlier reports that Netflix had been negotiating with Rockstar to license a GTA game to introduce higher-end titles to its mobile-focused gaming catalog.

Download Statistics and Impact

It was reported that the addition of these three games significantly boosted Netflix’s gaming initiatives. In December, monthly mobile game downloads nearly tripled to 28 million, with 18 million of those downloads attributed to the combination of San Andreas, Vice City, and GTA 3.

Current Download Figures

As of now, the combined downloads for the GTA games on Netflix have surpassed 30 million. According to data from Appmagic compiled by, San Andreas alone has had 20.5 million downloads, while Vice City and GTA 3 have had 6.5 million and 3.3 million downloads, respectively. A significant portion of these downloads has been on Apple devices, with the majority coming from the US.

Significance in Netflix’s Gaming Strategy

These download figures indicate that the GTA series is the most popular game series released through Netflix to date.

GTA San Andreas screenshot showing CJ in a speedboat
Image credit: Rockstar

Legacy and Anticipation

Rockstar’s GTA series continues to be a dominant force in the gaming industry. In May, it was announced that GTA 5 had sold over 200 million copies. Additionally, when Rockstar released the first trailer for GTA 6 late last year, it set a YouTube record by becoming the most viewed non-music video within 24 hours, amassing an extraordinary 90 million views on its first day.

GTA 6 is expected to release on consoles next autumn, with publisher Take-Two expressing high confidence in this launch window.

Speculation on Future Releases

There has been some curiosity regarding the GTA San Andreas VR port, which was announced some time ago but has yet to materialize.

Wrapping Up

The GTA trilogy’s impressive download numbers on Netflix highlight its ongoing popularity and influence. As anticipation builds for the release of GTA 6, the series continues to captivate a global audience. For more information on similar gaming news and updates, visit HitPlay.

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