Dario Argento & Franco Nero Join Cast of Interactive Horror Movie

Paul Raschid’s new interactive movie, The Run, has recruited notable figures from the horror genre. Filmmaker Dario Argento and actor Franco Nero join the horror thriller set in Northern Italy.

Shooting took place on a secluded running trail in Northern Italy. The plot centers on a fitness influencer who becomes the target of various mysterious killers. Viewers can make choices that determine the fate of the characters.

The Run Interactive Movie: Argento and Nero on Board

Dario Argento, recognized for his work in horror films like Tenebrae and Suspiria, joins the cast of The Run. Franco Nero, an actor with over 200 film credits, is also part of the project.

Cast and Filmmakers

Paul Raschid, known for interactive movies such as The Gallery and The Complex, directs The Run. The cast includes Roxanne McKee and George Blagden, along with Fabio Testi, Jamie Ward, Jemma Donovan, and Katia Ricciarelli.

Wrapping Up

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