‘White Collar’ Gets Reboot Series Starring Matt Bomer

Procedurals of past decades have gained significant popularity on streaming platforms such as Netflix. Notably, the Matt Bomer-led series, White Collar—which originally aired on USA Network from 2009 to 2014—is set for a revival. Key cast members from the original show, including Bomer, are expected to return for this new iteration.

Reboot Announcement

White Collar creator Jeff Eastin recently disclosed at Variety’s TV Fest that he has completed a script for what he termed a “reboot” of the series. During the event, Bomer confirmed his involvement in the new series and mentioned that co-stars Tim DeKay and Tiffany Thiessen are also on board.

Script Details

Tim DeKay praised the script for the reboot’s pilot, stating:

It’s a fantastic script and it answers all the questions that one would have if you watch the show, and it would introduce the show to those who haven’t seen it as well. Both edges of the sword are honed.

Original Series Overview

In the original series, Matt Bomer played a con artist captured by the FBI who then agrees to work with an agent, played by Tim DeKay, to apprehend other white-collar criminals in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Absent Cast Member

Willie Garson, who portrayed Mozzie, Bomer’s best friend and fellow con man, will not be part of the new series due to his passing in 2021 from pancreatic cancer. DeKay assured fans that the show will recognize Garson’s absence and honor his memory with respect and sensitivity.

Streaming Expectations

While the new show’s platform has not been officially announced, it is likely to be produced expressly for streaming services, considering the original series’ popularity on such platforms.

Wrapping Up

The original cast and creators of White Collar are enthusiastic about the show’s reboot, bringing new content to both longtime fans and new viewers. For more information and updates, visit HitPlay.

You can watch the White Collar crew discuss the plans for the reboot below.

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