Marvel Announces ‘Vision’ TV Series Featuring Paul Bettany

Paul Bettany’s Marvel character Vision will be returning to screens after a more than three-year hiatus since his last appearance in “WandaVision.” The synthetic superhero was last seen donning a new white exterior and without its memories or personality. Marvel Studios is set to further explore the journey of this revamped Vision in a brand-new TV series on Disney+, slated to release sometime in 2026.

What’s Going On With Vision

Variety reported that Marvel Studios has roped in Terry Matalas, a notable “Star Trek: Picard” producer, to direct the upcoming show focused on Vision. Paul Bettany will reprise his role, continuing the epic journey of his Marvel character.

Bettany first debuted as Vision in the 2015 film, “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” He further reprised the role in other Marvel films like “Captain America: Civil War,” and “Avengers: Infinity War,” where the superhero was killed by Thanos. The character was later brought back to life by Scarlet Witch’s powers in “WandaVision,” albeit without memories or a personality.

This reveal marks Marvel’s first new live-action series pickup in almost two years. It signifies a significant shift in the company’s approach to producing television for Disney+. Leading up to this, the studio released seven live-action television shows between 2021 and 2022, including “WandaVision,” “Loki,” “Hawkeye,” “Moon Knight,” and “Ms. Marvel.”

Marvel’s Current Shows

Since then, the studio has released just three live-action shows: “Secret Invasion,” “Echo,” and a second season of “Loki.” At present, Marvel has several other series in development, including “Ironheart” and “Daredevil: Again,” although these are still in the early stages of production.

The only Marvel Disney+ show with a confirmed release date at this point is “Agatha All Along,” which is set to stream starting from September 18.

Wrapping Up

Marvel’s new TV series on Disney+ promises to delve deeper into the intriguing journey of Vision, with Paul Bettany once again stepping into his popular character’s shoes. Fans eagerly await the return of Vision in all his new glory. Follow HitPlay for more updates and streaming details.

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