Official 2024 Trailer for “Thelma” Featuring June Squibb, Fred Hechinger, Clark Gregg

Introducing “Thelma”, a captivating action-comedy film marking the directorial debut of Josh Margolin. Oscar nominee June Squibb plays the title role in this enthralling tale of grit and determination, standing out with her pioneering performance. Showcasing a noteworthy ensemble cast, “Thelma” stands as both a testament to Squibb’s acting prowess and an affectionate farewell to the remarkable Richard Roundtree. The film takes audiences on a suspenseful journey across Los Angeles, packed with engaging action, delightful humor, and heartening camaraderie.

Thelma’s Story

In “Thelma”, Squibb takes on her first leading role to portray Thelma Post, a feisty 93-year-old grandmother embroiled in a scammer’s deceitful plot. Beguiled by a phone scammer who assumes the identity of her grandson, Thelma embarks on a treacherous journey across Los Angeles. The goal is to reclaim the possessions forcibly taken from her by a scammer.

The Powerful Cast

Apart from Squibb, the film boasts more exceptional performances. Audiences witness the final performance of trailblazer Richard Roundtree, who appears as an aging friend accompanying Thelma on her quest. Fred Hechinger, known from “The White Lotus”, plays Thelma’s grandson, the scam’s initial target. Further adding to the film’s rich tapestry of characters are Parker Posey, Clark Gregg, and Malcolm McDowell.

In a testament to her dedication, Squibb carried out most of her own stunts in this action-filled comedy. She skillfully portrays a woman on the verge, battling age and circumstances to right the wrongs done to her, aided by her friend, played by Roundtree, and his trusty motorized scooter.

Wrapping Up

“Thelma” nails the blend of action, comedy, and poignant narratives. With stellar performances from a high-calibre ensemble cast in a captivating story of determination and audacity, this film promises an absolute treat for viewers. Ready to take a thrilling ride with Thelma? Watch the film on HitPlay.

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