Official 2024 Trailer for “Mother, Couch” featuring Ewan McGregor, Ellen Burstyn, F. Murray Abraham.

Introducing “Mother, Couch”

The soon-to-be-released movie “Mother, Couch,” starring Ewan McGregor, Ellen Burstyn, F. Murray Abraham, and Taylor Russell, presents an intriguing plot set against an unusual backdrop. Based on the book “Mamma I Soffa” by Jerker Virdborg, this film promises a mind-bending journey where the characters confront their challenging pasts.

Synopsis of “Mother, Couch”

In “Mother, Couch,” a peculiar scenario unfolds when the family matriarch, played by the talented Ellen Burstyn, unexpectedly refuses to leave a couch in an old furniture store, leaving her family inexplicably stuck in the shop. McGregor, Rhys Ifans, and Lara Flynn Boyle portray the estranged children forced to solve this baffling situation.

Behind the Scenes of “Mother, Couch”

Niclas Larsson makes his directorial debut with this film, also lending his writing skills to its creation. The production team boasts of some prominent names including Ella Bishop, Pau Suris of Suris/Bishop Films, Alex Black of Lyrical Media, Sara Murphy of Fat City, and Ewan McGregor himself.

About the Cast

Playing alongside the lead actors are capable performers Lara Flynn Boyle, Rhys Ifans, Lake Bell, and F. Murray Abraham. The journey their characters embark on reveals profound truths about the family dynamics, brought to life effectively by these veteran actors.

Release Dates

This anticipated film will arrive in movie theaters at Angelika Film Center in New York on July 5 and at the Landmark Nuart Los Angeles on July 12.

Wrapping Up

“Mother, Couch” promises to deliver a captivating narrative that explores family dynamics in a quirky, yet intriguing setting. For more updates on films and behind-the-scene infos, check out HitPlay.

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