Elvis Presley Asked Cher Out and Anyone Can Relate to Her Reaction

Legendary actress and singer Cher, 77, has been in a relationship with Alexander Edwards, a music industry executive, since 2022. The sizeable age difference between the couple, which spans four decades, has piqued public curiosity considerably. Early last December, Cher graced the Chicken Shop Date, a popular show, where she humorously suggested that everyone should try dating a younger man at least once. For her part, Cher will be observing her 78th birthday later this month.

In a recent visit to the Jennifer Hudson Show, Hudson facilitated a comprehensive interview with Cher, using the opportunity to discuss a conspiracy about Cher rejecting a dating proposal from the music maestro Elvis Presley. This questioning resulted in Cher revealing her current dating methods and philosophy.

Cher on Shyness and Dating Younger Men

The multi-talented performer confessed to having a reserved disposition when not working, especially around men. Cher disclosed her preference for younger men, explaining that chaps of her age or older used to be extremely intimidated by her. Since most are now deceased, younger men have become the main ones bold enough to approach her.

Cher’s Evolution in Fashion, Friendship with Meryl Streep, and Constant Reinvention

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The conversation then navigated towards Cher’s style metamorphosis throughout her career, becoming buddies with Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep during the filming of the 1983 movie Silkwood, and her struggles to reinvent herself.

Cher Has Talked About Her Dating Life Before

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Wrapping Up

Despite the conjectures and criticism that invariably accompany her relationships, Cher continues to live her life on her own terms, revealing a very unique and insightful approach to dating. She remains an influential figure globally, for her talent, style, resilience, and her endeavor to continually innovate.

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