This Wild Coincidence Happened on “Deadpool & Wolverine” Trailer Release Date

In an interesting twist that even the most ardent Marvel fans didn’t see coming, Ryan Reynolds has declared that the musical alignment in the latest “Deadpool & Wolverine” trailer was a complete coincidence. The trailer, which was already brimming with comic book nods and film references, features Madonna’s hit “Like a Prayer” — a song that, as it happens, began its chart-topping journey on the same date 35 years ago.

The trailer, filled with surprises and nods such as a cheeky tribute to Deadpool’s creator Rob Liefeld and quick peeks at villains like Lady Deathstrike and Azazel, added another layer of intrigue with its soundtrack choice. The song “Like a Prayer” not only added a catchy tune to the action-packed preview but also coincidentally marked the start of its historic run on the Billboard charts decades ago, according to the ’80s-themed X/Twitter account Old School 80s.

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This uncanny timing could easily be mistaken as another clever marketing play by Marvel, especially considering Deadpool’s meta-commentary as “Marvel Jesus” in an earlier trailer. However, Reynolds assured fans via Twitter that this was not intentional, exclaiming, “I swear to Marvel Jesus, we did not plan this!”

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Marvel enthusiasts have already begun speculating that, like Celine Dion’s “Ashes” from “Deadpool 2”, “Like a Prayer” might climb the charts once again following this resurgence. With the film’s release date set for July 26, 2024, and fresh footage showcased at CinemaCon where Deadpool humorously told Fox to “suck it,” anticipation continues to build.

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Wrapping Up

As the anticipation for “Deadpool & Wolverine” continues to grow, keep an eye on how this accidental soundtrack serendipity plays out in the charts and in the fandom. For more detailed insights and updates on your favorite films, remember to visit

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