Deadpool & Wolverine: Trailer Breakdown and Theories

As the MCU continues to evolve, the character of Wolverine, portrayed by Hugh Jackman in the upcoming “Deadpool & Wolverine,” seems poised to take a pivotal role similar to Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. The trailers have sparked intense speculation and anticipation, leaving fans eager to unravel the mystery of Wolverine’s character in this narrative.

Unpacking the Trailer’s Clues

The trailers for “Deadpool & Wolverine” leave us with more questions than answers, particularly about which version of Wolverine we’re seeing. The plot remains veiled in secrecy, only intensifying curiosity with the full trailer’s glimpse of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. This Wolverine, however, doesn’t seem familiar. Could this be a Logan we haven’t encountered before? The trailers suggest as much, blending familiar traits with new twists that suggest a complex reimagining of the character.

Which Wolverine Are We Seeing?

Deciphering Wolverine’s timeline within the X-Men universe has always been a challenge due to its intricate and sometimes contradictory nature. There are primarily two timelines established by Fox’s X-Men series: the original timeline, spanning up to 2014’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past” (DoFP), and the altered timeline it creates, leading to movies like “X-Men: Apocalypse” and “Dark Phoenix,” and culminating in the grim “Logan.”

From the trailers, this Wolverine appears to be from a time post-DoFP but pre-“Logan.” Key scenes show him mourning at gravestones, possibly after Professor Xavier’s tragic psychic attack that killed many of his students. This suggests we might see events that “Logan” only hinted at. Furthermore, Wolverine’s difficulty with his claws, humorously likened to “Whiskey d*** of the claws” by Deadpool, echoes his deteriorating condition in “Logan,” yet he’s not quite as diminished here.

Exploring New Timelines

The speculation doesn’t stop at known timelines. There’s chatter about this Wolverine being from an entirely new timeline. After “X-Men: The Last Stand,” Logan’s history shows him leaving the team, only to be drawn back for a crucial mission in “The Wolverine,” where he helps avert a dystopian future. But what if in this new narrative, Wolverine never rejoined the team? This alternate path could lead to a Wolverine haunted by failure and guilt, adding layers to his character not previously explored.

Adapting Old Man Logan

This film also seems to draw inspiration from the “Old Man Logan” comics, where Wolverine is duped by Mysterio into tragically killing the X-Men. The presence of Cassandra Nova living inside Giant Man’s carcass and the setting of The Void might serve as analogues for the post-apocalyptic desert of the comics, adding depth to Wolverine’s struggles with control and manipulation, seen vividly as Nova takes over his mind in the trailer.

Is Wolverine the MCU’s New Loki?

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Like Loki, Wolverine in this narrative is shaped by his past and the choices he faces in a multiverse context. The initial trailers show Wade Wilson (Deadpool) and the Time Variance Authority (TVA) pulling Wolverine into a larger battle, hinting at a role that involves time-travel and possibly correcting or confronting various timelines. This complexity could position Wolverine as a central, transformative figure in the MCU, akin to Loki’s evolution across his series.

The trailers set the stage for a Wolverine who is both familiar and new, straddling past lore and new possibilities in the MCU. Fans are left to ponder: Will this version of Wolverine reconcile with his past, or forge a new path entirely? As with Loki, the journey promises to redefine the character in significant ways.

Wade and Logan: An Unlikely Duo in a Multiverse Saga

In “Deadpool & Wolverine,” Wade Wilson, known for his less-than-heroic persona, is set against monumental stakes. Previously motivated by personal vendettas or the desire to save loved ones, Deadpool’s leap into multiversal chaos represents a significant shift. He hopes that partnering with Wolverine will provide a “crash course” in heroism. However, Wolverine, emerging from his own desolation and heartbreak, may not be the mentor Wade expects.

Wolverine’s Journey with the TVA: Echoes of Loki’s Transformation

The narrative arc involving Wolverine’s induction into the Time Variance Authority (TVA) closely mirrors that of Loki in the MCU’s “Loki” series. Both characters are introduced to the TVA in pivotal ways that challenge their historical roles and personal trajectories. Loki, upon his capture, undergoes a profound transformation after witnessing the future’s highs and lows, which ultimately leads to a significant self-sacrifice.

For Wolverine, the potential for a similar transformation is teased. Depending on his backstory—whether it’s the battle-hardened Logan from the eponymous film, the hero who missed his chance to rewrite history post-“Days of Future Past,” or the haunted survivor from “Old Man Logan”—the TVA might offer him visions of what could have been or what still might be. These revelations could serve to motivate Wolverine to transcend his current despair and reclaim his heroic mantle, paralleling Loki’s evolution.

A Multiversal Quest for the Ideal Wolverine

As Deadpool navigates the multiverse, we are teased with various incarnations of Wolverine, each bringing a different element to the narrative. This search culminates in the selection of a world-weary Logan, providing a fresh take on the character that might also include alternate actors or versions, like an older X-23.

The Void and Cassandra Nova’s Role

The action of “Deadpool & Wolverine” largely unfolds in The Void, a desolate expanse where the remnants of obliterated timelines are discarded. Here, Wolverine and Deadpool engage in dynamic, Mad Max-style combat, signaling the intense physical and existential battles ahead. Cassandra Nova, portrayed as the mastermind struggling against her doomed fate, embodies the threat from these forgotten timelines. Her efforts to survive against the MCU’s new multiversal order place her in direct conflict with our protagonists.

The Larger Battle and Its Implications

The confrontation with Cassandra Nova isn’t just about stopping a villain—it’s about the existential implications of the multiverse’s management post-“Loki.” With the TVA’s shift from maintaining a singular sacred timeline to allowing multiple realities to coexist, each decision to prune a timeline carries significant weight. For Deadpool, this mission is about protecting his reality and those he cares about. For Wolverine, it offers a chance at redemption and perhaps a way to make peace with his tumultuous past.

This battle against Cassandra Nova sets the stage not only for a riveting conflict within “Deadpool & Wolverine” but also positions both characters to play crucial roles in future MCU events, possibly even in “Avengers: Secret Wars.” The themes of redemption, identity, and legacy are woven throughout, offering a deeper exploration of what it means to be a hero in a universe where every action can alter the course of multiple realities.

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