Tarantino’s 10th Film Still Open; R-Rated Star Trek Deemed Unfit

In the latest turn of events, famed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has decided not to direct ‘The Movie Critic’ as his final movie, leaving the field wide open for his next project. Speculation has been rife, including the idea that he may be reviving an idea for a ‘Star Trek’ movie that had gained some attention some years ago. However, no definitive announcement has been made yet.

The Potential Challenges of A Tarantino ‘Star Trek’ Film

Tarantino’s idiosyncratic filmmaking style – known for heavy swearing, graphic violence, and a cynical view of humanity – is diametrically opposed to the uplifting, humanist ethos that ‘Star Trek’ has embodied for over six decades. A potential collaboration on a ‘Star Trek’ movie could be problematic considering that some elements of this franchise are sacrosanct and unalterable to its fans. Therefore, any compromises could result in a film that does not resonate authentically with either Tarantino’s style or the ‘Star Trek’ essence.

Details of Tarantino’s ‘Star Trek’ Pitch

Data circulating on the internet over the years suggests that Tarantino’s pitch for a ‘Star Trek’ movie involved elements similar to conventional time travel episodes, with a 1930s-era mob story set mostly on Earth. Inspired by the original series episode “A Piece of the Action,” this storyline could signal a lower emphasis on the franchise’s space context, potentially feeling more like a standard mob movie with a ‘Star Trek’ backstory.

Implications for Universe Continuity

A significant concern with Tarantino directing a ‘Star Trek’ movie would be the potential impact on the franchise’s persistence within its universe. Even the films featuring Chris Pine in the Kelvin timeline have connections to the Prime timeline as seen in the series and earlier movies. Therefore, if Tarantino were to direct a ‘Star Trek’ movie, it would become part of the cannon. As such, decisions about the film’s direction could significantly impact the franchise’s continuity and narrative.

Wrapping Up

While Quentin Tarantino’s next project remains a mystery, it has been revealed that a new ‘Star Trek’ movie is currently being developed irrespective of Tarantino’s involvement. For updates on both, make sure to stay tuned here.

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