‘Hit Man’ Stars Glen Powell Trailer, Cast, Release Date

Glen Powell, known for his charismatic roles, is at it again in the upcoming Netflix film Hit Man. The movie, which releases on June 7, showcases Powell in a dual role that ranges from a mild-mannered professor to an undercover operative posing as a hitman. Directed by Richard Linklater, who co-wrote the film with Powell, Hit Man takes inspiration from a real-life story detailed in a 2001 article from Texas Monthly by Skip Hollandsworth.

Plot and Premise of ‘Hit Man’

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The film follows Gary Johnson, a professor with a nondescript life who harbors a secret identity as a faux hit man collaborating with the police to catch criminals who hire him. The plot thickens when Johnson is entangled with a client (played by Adria Arjona) who wants her husband eliminated, leading to unexpected twists when the husband turns up dead. Despite the high stakes and complex disguises, the trailer hints at Powell’s character struggling with the basics, like properly aiming a gun, adding a layer of humor to the suspense.

The Netflix Acquisition Controversy

Despite the buzz surrounding Hit Man, its journey to screens was not without controversy. Netflix secured the distribution rights for a hefty $20 million, a decision that stirred debate among critics and festival goers who had hoped for a broader theatrical release. This sentiment was fueled by the success of Powell’s previous film, Anyone But You, which grossed $219 million worldwide. Although a theatrical release for Hit Man is hinted at, specifics remain unclear, leaving fans eager but in limbo regarding where they can catch the film on the big screen.

Wrapping Up

Hit Man promises to deliver an intriguing blend of comedy, romance, and espionage, with Glen Powell at the helm of its complex narrative. As the film’s Netflix premiere approaches, viewers are poised to see how this layered plot unfolds and whether Powell’s character can navigate the precarious world of undercover operations without blowing his cover. For more reviews and updates on the latest films, visit HITPLAY.

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