‘Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver’ Baddies Talk Production Challenges

Ed Skrein and Fra Fee, ‘Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver’ stars, revealed in an interview with ComingSoon, their experiences filming action scenes and developing their characters’ arcs.

The sequel continues the adrenaline-fueled saga of Kora and the remaining warriors, poised to defend the peaceful people of Veldt alongside them. The synopsis of the film divulges that on the eve of the epic clash, the warriors’ past truths unravel, each elucidating their reason for fighting. As the Realm’s power grows overwhelming, unshakeable alliances form, heroes rise, and legendary tales are crafted. More about the movie can be found here.

Action Sequences with Ed Skrein

Treese begins his discussion with Ed Skrein with the scene where the grand battle commences and Skrein’s character, Noble, delivers a series of brutally hard-hitting maneuvers. When asked about the satisfaction derived from participating in such large-scale sequences, Skrein cites the combination of acting and physicality as a uniquely rewarding experience.

He describes the process of acting within an action scene, emphasizing how physical actions are typically responses to emotional catalysts. Skrein credits Phil Silvera, the fight coordinator of Deadpool, with helping him realize the overlapping essence of physical maneuvers and emotional reactions in acting.

The Challenge of Character Development

Turning to Fra Fee, Treese delves into the actor’s unique experience. As Balisarius, Fee’s character chiefly operates as a background player, manipulating events from behind while imbuing a sense of mystery into the viewers.

Fee sees this as a fascinating challenge, hinting that he thoroughly relishes the opportunity to fill in the nebulous gaps of his character’s backstory throughout the two films. Echoing the sentiment, Fee postulates that it would be riveting to more comprehensively play out these gaps in future installments of the saga.

Wrapping Up

The insightful dialogue between Tyler Treese, Ed Skrein, and Fra Fee paints a vibrant picture of ‘Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver.’ As the actors navigate through epic war scenes and their characters’ arcs, viewers can expect an action-packed spectacle enlivened with a potent blend of suspense and drama. To stay updated on movies and more, visit HitPlay.

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