Production Begins for ‘The Accountant 2’, J.K. Simmons Confirms

In a much-anticipated move, the sequel to Ben Affleck’s popular 2016 action thriller movie, ‘The Accountant’, is underway. J.K. Simmons, who is expected to reprise his role, confirmed rumors of development and shooting for ‘The Accountant 2’. In the new installment, Affleck’s character, Christian Wolff, tackles the mystery of solving the murder of the boss of Marybeth Medina, portrayed by Cynthia Addai-Robinson.

Sequel Rumors and Confirmation

Rumors of a sequel had been circulating since 2017. By 2021, reports suggested that development was progressing with Jon Bernthal. Recently, Ben Affleck notably shaved his beard, a possible indicator that production was starting soon. Confirming these rumors, Simmons relayed in an interview with Collider that he would soon head to LA to begin his part of the film’s production.

Success of ‘The Accountant’

‘The Accountant’ was a commercial success, grossing $155.2 million worldwide against a $44 million production budget. Stellar performance on streaming platforms and as the most rented movie of 2017 demonstrated its widespread popularity. These impressive statistics warranted a sequel, despite the challenges encountered in getting the movie project off the ground. Simmons acknowledged the determination and efforts put in by Director Gavin O’Connor and Ben Affleck in ensuring the project’s success.

Main Cast Returns, Except Anna Kendrick

The sequel will feature most of the main cast from the first film, with the notable exemption of Anna Kendrick. Cynthia Addai-Robinson will return to portray Marybeth Medina, the boss of whom Christian Wolff has been tasked with solving the murder. J.K. Simmons is also reprising his role as Ray King, the character that shared numerous scenes with Medina in the first film.

Securing the Rights

Ben Affleck, besides being the leading man, is also critical in the film’s production process. He acquired the rights to the franchise through his production company, Artists Equity. This move ensures that there could potentially be a threequel, provided the sequel echoes the success of the first installment.

Official Release Date Yet To Be Confirmed

Although filming for ‘The Accountant 2′ has commenced, an official release date is yet to be announced. Meanwhile, fans can enjoy Ben Affleck and J.K. Simmons’ performances in the original ‘The Accountant’, now available for streaming for Netflix subscribers. Additionally, audiences can keep an eye on the 2024 movie release schedule for information on other upcoming films.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the announcement that ‘The Accountant 2’ is in production is certainly exciting for fans of the first film. The return of most main cast members and the collaboration of the original movie’s team promises an action-packed sequel. To stay updated with such exciting news and other films heading to theaters, visit HitPlay.

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