New Film Additions on Magnolia Selects for April 2024

Magnolia Selects, a standout streaming platform, has just disclosed its movie lineup for April 2024. The roster will appeal to a wide variety of moviegoers, featuring an assortment of films including the French flick “The Girl from Monaco” and the Paul Rudd-led drama-comedy “Prince Avalanche.”

April 2024 Releases – Magnolia Selects

On April 3, streaming begins with six films. The selection includes “616 Wilford Lane,” “Four Lions,” “God Bless America,” “Roadie,” “The Bodyguard,” and “The Bra.” These titles cater to fans of both action and comedy.

April 10 Arrivals

A week later, on April 10, six more titles become available. “American Swing,” “Color Me Kubrick,” “Great World of Sound,” “Honeymoon,” “I Saw the Devil,” and “Mirageman” add further variety to the mix, covering genres such as thriller, drama, and adventure.

Movies Becoming Available on April 17

April 17 brings diverse films “Leaning Into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy,” “Ragnarok,” “The Girl From Monaco,” “The Job,” and “The Protector 2.”

April 23 and April 24 Releases

Get ready for “A Soldier’s Story” and “Strike” on April 23, followed by “Burden,” “Cezanne et Moi,” “Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot,” “Pusher I,” “Rejoice & Shout,” “Terror’s Advocate,” and “The China Hustle” on April 24.

Movies Coming on April 29 and April 30

Closing out the month, April 29 brings a plentiful list with “A Hijacking,” “Ballet 422,” “Compliance,” “Cunningham,” “Detour,” “Flawless,” “Nico, 1988,” “Prince Avalanche,” “Shoplifters,” “The Good Heart,” and “Tyrel.” Wrapping things up on April 30, eight films go live, including “Big Gay Jewish Conversion,” “Force Majeure,” “Freddy Heineken,” “Gloves Off,” “Harry and Meghan: A Modern Love Story,” “The Heart of Nuba,” “The Life and Death of Patient Zero,” and “World’s Greatest Dad.”

Wrapping Up

Magnolia Select’s carefully curated lineup for April 2024 promises something for everyone. Whether you love action, drama, comedy, or a little bit of everything, there’s a film for you. So, bookmark these dates, get ready for a movie marathon, and prepare to be entertained. For your viewing convenience, visit HitPlay.

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