Theo James Lends Voice to Marvel Character in ‘X-Men ’97’

Marvel recently confirmed that ‘The Gentlemen’ star, Theo James, joined the voice cast of ‘X-Men ‘97’. Although his role remains undisclosed, there is speculation that he might be playing a ‘fan favorite character’ according to this source.

New Evidence Suggests James Could Voice Captain America

A new promotional material for ‘X-Men ‘97’, which follows the dramatic events of episode 5, hints at a popular character. The character is none other than Captain America, who fits the description of “fan favorite”. The iconic shield of Captain America makes a significant appearance at the end of the teaser. However, it has not been officially confirmed whether Theo James will provide the voice for the star-spangled hero or another character.

Speculations about Role

Rumors suggest that Doctor Strange might also appear in the show. Nonetheless, the inclusion of Captain America in ‘X-Men ‘97’ is quite significant, especially considering the upcoming war hinted at in the teaser, a likely aftermath of the eventful episode 5.

Show’s Maker Breaks Silence on the Recent Episode

The recently aired episode seems to have struck a chord with the viewers and even compelled the show’s former overseer, Beau DeMayo, to share his thoughts. He interpreted the episode as a reflection of the characters’ struggle, typical of young people adapting to an adult and unpredictable world. He shared these thoughts on Twitter, stating the characters would soon have to decide how to face an uncertain future.

Streaming Details

New episodes of ‘X-Men ‘97’ are available for streaming every Wednesday on Disney+.

Wrapping Up

As the actors and characters are set to join the ‘X-Men ‘97’ cast, viewers are in for some exciting times. Whether Theo James is voicing Captain America or a different character remains to be seen. To stay up-to-date with the latest developments of ‘X-Men ‘97’, log on to HitPlay.

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