Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande Following Barbie Trend in Wicked

In the previous year, Barbie emerged as one of the largest theatrical releases, with actor Margot Robbie setting off a fashion revolution by donning pink gowns to pay homage to her role during the press tour. Thanks to this movie, pink dresses saw a resurgence in popularity which has been embraced by celebrities such as Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande as they publicize the forthcoming movie adaptation of the musical, Wicked. At recent events, these celebrities chose to wear the iconic colors of their characters, with Grande draped in pink, and Erivo opting for the enchanting Elphaba green.

Character-Inspired Fashion at CinemaCon

Erivo and Grande made an appearance at CinemaCon in Las Vegas dazzling the audience with new clips from the highly anticipated Wicked movies, set to reach theaters in November. The actresses synchronized their fashion by wearing pink and green, the iconic colors of their respective characters. Their effort served to thrill the fans and increase anticipation for the movie.

Clothing Choice That Reflects Bonding and Character

The actresses’ choice in attire has not only drawn attention to their upcoming movie but it also hints at the deep bond that has formed between them, as display in the warm messages they’ve written for each other after shooting Wicked. For instance, Ariana Grande dressed in a short, strapless outfit that was essentially a large flower, presenting a lovely visual in pink and white petals. Cynthia Erivo, on the other hand, brought her witch character alive in an edgy green off-shoulder top and an eye-catching silver skirt paired with shiny green boots.

Wicked Pair Continues to Charm in Signature Colors

Both actresses also carried their color-coordinated style to the red carpet of the 2024 Academy Awards, with Erivo in a dark green leather gown from Louis Vuitton that had a “witchy texture”, and Ariana Grande in a puffy Giambattista Valli gown that looked perfectly rosy. In addition, they both wore glittery jerseys matching their signature colors at the Super Bowl in February. With months left before the release of the movie, fans can expect more pink and green fashion moments in future

Wrapping Up

There’s no denying that the stars’ fashion sense and appearance at CinemaCon have triggered even more excitement amongst the fans. The movie Wicked is scheduled to release on Wednesday, November 27. In the meantime, you can click here to check out our 2024 movie release calendar to see what’s coming up.

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