The Tragic Poisoning and Death Behind “3 Body Problem” Production

The adaptation of Liu Cixin’s acclaimed “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” trilogy, culminating in the Netflix series “3 Body Problem,” was overshadowed by a grim real-life event involving the poisoning and death of Lin Qi, a key producer behind the project. Lin, the millennial billionaire founder of Yoozoo Games, acquired the adaptation rights and successfully negotiated a deal with Netflix, marking a significant milestone for the franchise. However, his achievement was marred by betrayal and revenge that led to his untimely demise in December 2020.

The Genesis of a Tragedy

Lin Qi’s foray into the world of Liu Cixin’s science fiction began in 2014 when he obtained the rights to the “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” trilogy. The narrative’s potential for a cinematic universe was vast, with the first book, “3 Body Problem,” setting a compelling stage for an alien invasion storyline spanning centuries. Lin’s vision and negotiation prowess culminated in a lucrative deal with Netflix, but the internal dynamics at Yoozoo Games took a dark turn.

A Descent into Revenge

The conflict traced back to 2017 when Lin Qi appointed Xu Yao, a former lawyer, to lead “The Three-Body Universe,” a new division dedicated to the trilogy’s adaptation. Xu’s subsequent demotion and salary reduction for poor performance in 2020 sowed the seeds of retribution. Employing a method as clandestine as it was lethal, Xu began poisoning the drinks of his colleagues at Yoozoo Games, an act of revenge that ultimately led to Lin’s death and the hospitalization of four others.

Justice and Remembrance

Xu Yao’s arrest shortly after Lin Qi’s passing and his eventual death sentence underscore the tragic end of what began as a groundbreaking venture into science fiction storytelling. Despite the horrific circumstances surrounding its production, “3 Body Problem” has premiered on Netflix, with Lin Qi honored as an executive producer. His posthumous recognition serves as a somber reminder of the personal costs entangled in the creation of this eagerly anticipated series.

Wrapping Up

As “3 Body Problem” unfolds on screens worldwide, viewers are unwittingly drawn into a tale that extends beyond the boundaries of science fiction, touching upon the very real, very human narratives of ambition, betrayal, and loss. Lin Qi’s vision, although tragically cut short, continues to resonate, inviting audiences to explore the complexities of both the universe Liu Cixin imagined and the one we inhabit.

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