House Flipper 2 Heats Things Up with New Floor is Lava Mode

House Flipper 2 seamlessly blended the worlds of real estate and video gaming, resulting in a compelling and fun game that broke the mold. Now, the game is flipping the script again with a “Floor is Lava” mode that will alter the game as fans know it. Released as an April Fool’s Day surprise, this exciting new game mode is changing the rules and bringing fiery challenges for players to face.

An Unusual Update for House Flipper 2

The latest update from the game’s developer, Frozen District, unveiled the new game mode which is far from being an April Fool’s Day prank. The fiery new addition, called “Floor is Lava,” will transform the previously chill cleaning game by giving players the job of navigating through a world where the floor is covered in lava. This involves solving a series of jumping puzzles, and completely shifts the gentle and calming gameplay players have grown accustomed to in House Flipper 2. This update proves Frozen District’s dedication to keeping its players engaged and on their toes.

Community Contest: A Chance to Get Creative

But, it’s not just about navigating the lava. Frozen District is also hosting a community contest in which players are invited to create and share their own lava-filled obstacle courses. The most creative and challenging player-created course could end up winning real-life rewards, such as a House Flipper 2-themed Xbox controller. This offers a fantastic way for fans to authentically engage with the game.

Previous April Fool’s Day Surprises

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Frozen District has previously won fans over by integrating April Fool’s Day jokes into actual game content. A case in point is the Dragon Ball Z-themed house they introduced in the original game. It allowed players to remodel Kame House – an environment widely recognized by fans of Akira Toriyama’s beloved anime series.

More to Come from Frozen District

There’s still more to look forward to as Frozen District isn’t done releasing information about House Flipper 2. Alongside the engaging “Floor is Lava” mode, the developers have promised to give fans new details about the upcoming Reef Cottage update. Even though it’s expected to provide more substantial content, it’s unlikely to be as intense as the current update. Believe it or not, it’s an exciting time to be a House Flipper 2 fan.

Floor is Lava Update Patch Notes


  • A job (Don’t bother looking for any BLAZING HOT content, nothing to see here, just some boring cleaning!)
  • A new interaction with the “VR goggles” item! (No need to check that either, NO HIDDEN FEATURES, just move on!)
  • A collection of items fitting a new theme! (Some weird stuff referring to HIGH TEMPERATURES or something… no clue.)
  • houses and jobs can now be browsed from inside the game! (Ah, at last! This WARMS my heart!)


  • Optimization tweaks for the “Coast” environment!
  • If you’re playing on a controller, you can now enjoy a bunch of navigation and quality-of-life improvements!
  • UI visual enhancements.
  • If your PC was struggling with window cleaning, now it’s gonna be smooth as butter! (at least we hope so…)

Wrapping Up

This new update for House Flipper 2 is both a surprising and welcome addition to the game, offering a new layer of excitement and challenge. Whether you’re flipping houses or dodging lava, there’s never been a better time to play. To enjoy all these features and more, take a minute to download HitPlay and start your own immersive journey into the world of house flipping.

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