Stardew Valley Creator Unveils Hidden Feature Missed by All

Stardew Valley, an immensely popular farming simulation video game, always manages to keep its gamers hooked with new updates and immersive gaming experiences. But, recently, its creator, ConcernedApe, revealed that even with the constant changes and evolving gameplay, a small yet significant feature has been overlooked by most players. The feature, revealed not in the 1.6 update but in a social media post, has apparently been in the game for some time but has gone unnoticed.

In-game Tip Unveiled on Social Media

Fans of Stardew Valley were taken by surprise when the creator of the game, ConcernedApe, shared a post on a social media platform, pointing out an existing in-game feature that they might not be aware of. The feature isn’t exactly new, but according to the creator, it has largely been missed, leading him to publicly remind his players about it.

The creator stated that whenever you move your cursor over an item and see a particular icon pulsate, it implies that the item is still needed in a community center bundle. Judging by the surprise expressed by several fans in their reactions to the post, it’s clear that many were unaware of this handy feature until now.

The Speculation Around the Neglected Feature

Although the post garnered a lot of responses from fans, it also led to many questions about when this feature was actually added to the game. The creator hinted that it was not part of the initial version at the launch of the game, but he didn’t specify when exactly it was added. Nevertheless, it’s clear that this reminder has brought a new aspect of the gameplay to light for many players.

Fans eagerly engaged in the conversation about the overlooked feature, appreciating its importance and remarking on how beneficial it will be during gameplay.

Waiting for the Big Update and More

As for the eagerly anticipated Update 1.6, it has only been released on PC so far with no word about when it will be available on other platforms. Similarly, there’s been no information about the arrival of native versions for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S. The creator has previously stated that this will be the last major update of the game, adding to the anticipation.

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Wrapping Up

Every player of Stardew Valley is a part of a thriving community that loves exploring new facets of the game. It’s exciting to uncover unused features, even if they’ve been a part of the game for a while. For more in-depth coverage of your favorite games and to explore a world of content suited to your interests, visit HitPlay.

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