New English-Dubbed Trailer Released for SPY x FAMILY CODE: White Movie, Official Trailer 2

In an exhilarating blend of thriller and family drama, SPY x FAMILY CODE: White sets to captivate audiences in theaters and IMAX this coming April. The movie centers around an unorthodox family unit comprising of a spy, an assassin, and their young adopted daughter who is a telepath. Their lives are a constant whirl of secret missions against a backdrop of domestic bliss, all of them oblivious that their world is all set for a dramatic turn. Rooted in deception and powered by adrenaline, this unique family finds themselves in the thick of an international incident with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

Meet the Family

Enter Loid and Yor, the seemingly model parents who have a penchant for danger. He’s a spy navigating the treacherous world of espionage, while she, a deadly assassin, plies her lethal skills under the cover of night. Their double lives are their best-kept secrets, with both preferring to keep it hidden from the other.

The Telepathic Link

The twosome’s adopted daughter, Anya, adds an intriguing dynamic to the plot. A telepath, she is privy to their exciting secrets without their knowledge. Her unassuming innocence is merely a façade that hides her refined telepathic abilities.

A Vacation Turned Perilous

Loid’s veneer of taking his family for a winter weekend getaway masks his actual motive—to forge ahead with his latest mission, ‘Operation Strix’. However, things take a wild turn when Anya unwittingly becomes embroiled in the operation, setting in motion a series of events that could destabilize world peace.

Wrapping Up

SPY x FAMILY CODE: White promises an enthralling experience filled with suspense, covert operations, and family troubles. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch this thrill ride unfold. Check it out in theaters and IMAX this April or stream on HitPlay for an adrenaline pumping experience from the comfort of your home.

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