All New Movies Streaming This Week

This week brings a refreshing mix of genres to streaming platforms, featuring everything from heartwarming dramas to chilling horror flicks. As viewers look forward to diving into new cinematic experiences from the comfort of their homes, let’s explore the diverse array of movies set to captivate audiences.

A Diverse Streaming Slate

Among the notable titles making their debut, “Ordinary Angels” and “The Beautiful Game” promise to deliver powerful narratives infused with inspiration and resilience. On a lighter note, “Lisa Frankenstein” offers a quirky twist on the coming-of-age genre, blending horror and comedy in a unique concoction. Additionally, “Imaginary” and “The Taste of Things” cater to those with a penchant for suspense and culinary drama, respectively.

Spotlight on “Imaginary”

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Scheduled for release on Tuesday, March 26, “Imaginary” emerges from Blumhouse, a powerhouse in horror production known for hits like “M3GAN” and “Get Out.” The film stars DeWanda Wise and Tom Payne, revolving around a children’s book author who confronts a terrifying reality when her stepdaughter’s newfound teddy bear, an old imaginary friend, reveals a sinister side. Directed by Jeff Wadlow, this horror entry promises a blend of suspense and dark revelations.

“Ordinary Angels” – A Tale of Community and Hope

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Featuring Hilary Swank and Alan Ritchson, “Ordinary Angels” highlights the power of community effort during a crisis. The film, inspired by true events, tells the story of a Kentucky hairdresser rallying her town to aid a widowed father’s critically ill daughter amidst a devastating snowstorm. Directed by Jon Gunn, this faith-based drama aims to uplift and inspire through its depiction of human kindness and perseverance.

“The Taste of Things” – A Culinary Period Drama

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Releasing on Thursday, March 28, “The Taste of Things” brings to the screen a rich narrative set in the culinary world. Juliette Binoche and Benoît Magimel star in this French period drama, exploring the complex relationship between a gourmet and his dedicated cook. Directed by Tran Anh Hung, the film promises a sensory journey through food, romance, and self-discovery.

“The Beautiful Game” – A Story of Redemption

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Netflix’s addition, “The Beautiful Game,” scheduled for release on Friday, March 29, follows the journey of a former professional striker who finds a new purpose through the Homeless World Cup. Starring Bill Nighy and Michael Ward, this sports drama underlines themes of redemption and teamwork. Directed by Thea Sharrock, the film is a testament to the transformative power of sports.

“Lisa Frankenstein” – A Unique Horror-Comedy

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“Lisa Frankenstein” introduces viewers to a novel horror-comedy experience. Directed by Zelda Williams and penned by Diablo Cody, the film stars Kathryn Newton as a teenager who finds an unusual companion in the reanimated corpse of a Victorian man. Set for a Peacock release on Friday, March 29, this coming-of-age tale blends horror, comedy, and romance in a story that promises to be as enchanting as it is eerie.

“The Boys in the Boat” – An Olympic Journey

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Directed by George Clooney, “The Boys in the Boat” recounts the remarkable true story of the University of Washington’s rowing team and their quest for Olympic glory in 1936. Featuring Callum Turner and Joel Edgerton, the film is a tribute to determination and teamwork, set against the backdrop of historical events. MGM+’s offering, releasing on Friday, March 29, is poised to captivate audiences with its inspiring narrative and breathtaking visuals.

Wrapping Up

This week’s lineup of new movies on streaming platforms offers a rich tapestry of stories designed to appeal to a wide range of tastes and interests. From the haunting allure of “Imaginary” to the uplifting narratives of “Ordinary Angels” and “The Beautiful Game,” viewers are in for a diverse cinematic journey. As streaming continues to bring the magic of movies into homes worldwide, these releases underscore the medium’s ability to connect, entertain, and inspire. For more insights and updates on the latest in film and streaming, visit

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