‘No One Will Save You’ Director to Co-Write & Helm Survival Thriller ‘Whalefall’

Classic marine thrillers and epic tales often revolve around human encounters with marine predators like sharks. Some that readily come to mind include Steven Spielberg’s famed film, Jaws, and the well-known biblical story of Jonah swallowed by a whale. Taking inspiration from this theme, the thrilling new novel, Whalefall, casts a different kind of marine leviathan in the plot. Even more fascinating is that this gripping new novel has been optioned for a feature-length film set to be produced by Disney’s 20th Century Studios. While the official release date hasn’t been disclosed yet, the buzz around the project certainly suggests an exciting cinematic experience awaits.

Whalefall: A Riveting Sea Story

Whalefall is a gripping novel by Daniel Kraus. The narrative is an engrossing tale of a diver, Jay Gardiner, who embarks on a personal mission to retrieve his deceased father’s remains from the Pacific Ocean’s depths. Unfortunately, his search is interrupted, leading to an unexpected confrontation with a giant whale. Trapped inside the whale’s massive stomach while oxygen supplies dwindle, Gardiner grapples with impending death and his inner demons. This suspenseful storyline has left readers eagerly anticipating the novel’s translation onto the silver screen.

Brian Duffield Confirmed as Director

Veteran director Brian Duffield has been roped in to helm Whalefall. Duffield, known for his directorial expertise in horrors and thrillers, is acclaimed for his work in No One Will Save You. Announcing his directorial role in Whalefall via his Instagram account, Duffield expressed excitement about retelling this tale of tempestuous marine adventure.

Duffield Partners With Kraus on Screenplay

Author Daniel Kraus joins Duffield in adapting the Whalefall script for the big screen. This collaboration marks Kraus’s inaugural involvement in transcribing his own novel for a screen adaptation. Kraus, an associate producer of the Oscar-winning The Shape of Water, brings with him a wealth of experience in collaborating with global filmmakers.

Academy Award Winners Howard and Grazer Produce

The Whalefall project seems to be in safe hands with the formidable duo of Ron Howard and Brian Grazer overseeing the production. Winner of numerous accolades, Howard has previously directed films like 2015’s In the Heart of the Sea and the iconic space thriller, Apollo 13, both of which boasted themes of survival and endurance akin to Whalefall.

Wrapping Up

While the release date for Whalefall remains undisclosed, the buildup around the project is palpable. The novel’s cinematic transformation seems promising with big names attached to the project, promising an unmissable thriller spectacle. To remain abreast with updates on this highly anticipated movie, continue visiting the HitPlay app.

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