Directors Defend AI Art Usage in ‘Late Night With the Devil’ Amid Criticism

There has been a noteworthy development surrounding the film ‘Late Night With the Devil’, a found-footage horror project. While the movie had generated favorable responses and scored a 96% approval rate on Rotten Tomatoes, it has lately faced backlash related to the use of Artificial Intelligence(AI) generated art. The film’s directors, Cameron and Colin Cairnes, have offered a response to clarify the matter.

About the Film

‘Late Night With the Devil’ consists of simulated video clips from a 1970s late-night show, which depicts an allegedly possessed young girl in a bid to boost viewership. The story then unfolds into a string of disturbing, suspenseful events. However, social media users recently suggested the possibility of AI-generated images infringing upon the film’s authenticity. In response to these claims, the directors shared insights with Variety to clear the air.

Directors’ Response

In their statement, the directors confirmed the use of AI-created images in a few instances in the movie. These images were further edited and added to the film as fleeting interstitials. The directors expressed their gratitude for the dedicated team that worked tirelessly to recreate the 70s ambiance and brought the film to life. Despite the ongoing controversy, they expressed their excitement about the audience’s reaction to the movie in the coming weekend.

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Public Reaction

However, certain social media posts suggested that the film employed AI imagery, including a dancing skeleton amidst a pumpkin field. Calls were even made to boycott ‘Late Night With the Devil’. This reflects the sensitive nature of AI art use in films, an issue that has witnessed heated discussions since the SAG-AFTRA Strike last year. That agreement necessitated obtaining consent for replicating an actor’s resemblance through AI. It also prohibited AI from being employed to infringe upon a writer’s rights or credits.

Origins of the Controversy

The controversy originated from a review posted on March 19th by the Letterboxd user ‘based gizmo’. The user indicated that the alleged AI images in the film hindered their enjoyment of the performances and clever ending. Furthermore, they described the AI usage in the film, set in the 70s, as “insulting”. Following this review, there was a significant drop in the movie’s ratings on the site. A general consensus of disappointment was observed among users over the employment of AI art instead of hiring an artist.

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Wrapping Up

The controversy surrounding ‘Late Night With the Devil’ shines a spotlight on the evolving discourse about the use of AI in films. With the directors defending their creative choices against the backlash, it adds another layer of intrigue to the movie’s upcoming release. For more in-depth coverage and updates about the film, please visit HitPlay.