Zoe Saldana & Adria Arjona in Border Drama ‘The Absence of Eden’

The latest thriller drama from Roadside Attractions, titled “The Absence of Eden”, takes center stage as its official trailer lands. In the thrilling new movie, Zoe Saldaña, a veteran Marvel actress, portrays a woman who must escape Mexico for the United States following a deadly encounter with a cartel member, which resulted in self-defense fatality. The release date for the movie is slated as April 12, and its plot navigates the hazardous borderlines between Mexico and the United States.

The Absence of Eden: A Glimpse into the Story

The plot of “The Absence of Eden” explores the harrowing reality of the U.S.-Mexican border, a dangerous terrain filled with coyotes, armed officials, desperate immigrants, and refugees. Saldaña, embodying a character named Esmee, must flee Mexico and seek refuge in the United States after defending herself in a violent altercation that results in the death of a cartel member.

Throughout her perilous journey, Esmee is guided by a heartless Coyote and a group of undocumented immigrants. During her escape, she comes across a young mother and her daughter, who eventually become separated from the group. Esmee promises to protect the young girl and help her reunite with her mother upon reaching America. This compassionate subplot adds layers to a narrative centered around the struggle for survival along America’s Mexican border.

To catch a glimpse of The Absence of Eden, follow the link below to watch the trailer:

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The Absence of Eden: Cast and Crew

Directed and produced by Marco Perego, and co-written with Rick Rapoza, “The Absence of Eden” boasts an impressive roster of talent. Joining Saldaña on screen are noted actors Garrett Hedlund from “Tron: Legacy”, Adria Arjona from “Andor”, Tom Waits from “Licorice Pizza”, Chris Coy from “The Deuce”, and Morningstar Angeline from “Echo”, among others.

In addition to a star-studded cast, the film’s production team is also noteworthy. Saldaña herself is one of the producers, collaborating with Karl Herrmann, Robert Kravis, Alexandra Milchan, Julie Yorn, and Rick Yorn. Meanwhile, Oscar-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese is enlisted as an executive producer for the movie.

Wrapping Up

The trailer for “The Absence of Eden” offers a glimpse at the hardships endured by those seeking sanctuary in the United States as they navigate the dangerous borderlands with Mexico. The film, supported by a stellar crew and star cast, including Zoe Saldaña, sets a release date for April 12. To stay updated or discover more enticing film trailers, head over to HitPlay.

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