Ryan Coogler’s Upcoming Vampire Movie Set for March 2025

Ryan Coogler’s still-untitled vampire movie is set to premiere on March 7, 2025, with Warner Bros. providing it a premium release. The film will get the opportunity to be showcased in Imax when it hits theatres. Michael B. Jordan, frequent collaborator with Coogler, will co-star in the movie, which was recently acquired by Warner Bros. Last month. Filming is anticipated to commence next month in New Orleans.

The Coogler-Jordan Partnership

Coogler and Jordan have a extensive joint track record that has yielded several successful films. Recognizable titles such as Fruitvale Station, Creed, and Black Panther are among their shared endeavors. This project, based on an idea developed by Coogler, marks another exciting collaboration between these talented artists.

The Film: A Period Thriller

The project is being billed as a period thriller, potentially set in the Jim Crow-era South, steeped in the world of the undead. Pioneering anime elements, similar to those seen in Jordan’s Creed III, are rumored to be part of the film’s unique vision. Jeff Sneider of The Insneider has previously confirmed the period aspect of the movie and also stated that it will indeed be a vampire film.

Production Details

The film will be produced by Coogler via Proximity Media in collaboration with Zinzi Coogler and Sev Ohanian. Oscar-winning composer Ludwig Göransson will executive produce alongside Rebecca Cho and Will Greenfield. Göransson is known for his work on films such as Oppenheimer and Black Panther.

Wrapping Up

With this project, Ryan Coogler continues to expand his already impressive portfolio. As we await the release, fans and cinephiles can safely anticipate a well-produced, immersive experience. For more updates about this and other exciting releases, check out HitPlay.

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