Jonathan Majors Sued by Ex-Girlfriend Amid Pending Sentencing

Nearly a year after his arrest for assault, strangulation and harassment, actor Jonathan Majors continues to face legal issues. Majors was found guilty of harassment and third-degree reckless assault during his trial at the end of 2023. The actor’s sentencing is scheduled for next month. Meanwhile, Majors faces another legal challenge as his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, who was the focus of the assault trial, has filed a lawsuit against him.

Grace Jabbari Files Lawsuit

Jabbari, who was in a relationship with former Marvel actor Majors for two years, is reportedly suing her ex for actions he allegedly committed while they were together. The suit claims assault and battery, defamation and malicious prosecution. Brittany Henderson, Jabbari’s attorney, praised her client’s “bravery” and expressed confidence in their success. The legal documents include allegations that Majors was abusive towards Jabbari after they met on the set of the superhero movie in 2021.

Allegations Detailed in the Suit

The lawsuit highlights a supposed instance that occurred in London in September 2022. Allegedly, the star of “Creed III” threw Jabbari on the hood of a car, covered her mouth as she tried to scream, and later strangled her and threatened to kill her. According to the lawsuit, Jabbari suffered physically as a result with continuous pain and headaches.

The suit also alleges that Majors made false statements about Jabbari, thus defaming her. The documents specifically referring to an ABC News interview where the actor denied ever hitting a woman.

Jabbari Seeks Damages

Jabbari is reportedly seeking punitive and compensatory damages from Majors. However, the exact amount is yet to be determined. Majors’ team is yet to formally respond to Jabbari’s lawsuit. The actor is due to return to court for his sentencing hearing on April 8.

Wrapping Up

The ongoing legal woes of Jonathan Majors underscore the serious nature of the allegations against him. As he awaits sentencing for assault and harassment charges and faces a new lawsuit, it is clear that these legal issues will continue to unfold in the public domain. For more updates on this story and many others, head over to HitPlay.

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