‘Black Mirror’ Season 7 Preview: What We Know So Far

Netflix’s acclaimed sci-fi anthology, ‘Black Mirror’, is set to return for its seventh season following a comeback last year. The latest season promises more portrayals of advanced technology clashing with the darker aspects of human behavior. Thankfully, the wait between season six and seven won’t be as lengthy for fans. Creator Charlie Brooker is reportedly already working on the forthcoming season which is said to revisit one of the series’ most popular episodes.

Release Date for ‘Black Mirror’ Season 7

On March 14, Netflix disclosed that production for ‘Black Mirror’ season 7 is already in progress, with an expected release of six new episodes in 2025. A teaser posted on YouTube alludes to six new plotlines and interestingly, the third loading icon halts on the symbol from season 4’s “USS Callister,” hinting at a return to the famous episode.

The Plot of ‘Black Mirror’ Season 7

Generally, Netflix reveals little about ‘Black Mirror’s’ forthcoming storyline. However, a report from Deadline suggests that the upcoming season will feature a sequel to the critically acclaimed “USS Callister” episode from season 4. The episode followed a socially disadvantaged programmer, Daly, who created sentient avatars of his co-workers in a game resembling ‘Star Trek’. This seasoned a taste of power for Daly as he functioned nearly as ‘Captain Kirk’ in the simulation.

The forthcoming season is expected to continue the story from the climactic episode. With the crew having escaped Daly’s server, they are poised for more encounters with vindictive gamers. Expected returning cast members include Cristin Milioti, Michaela Coel, Jimmi Simpson, Billy Magnussen, Milanka Brooks, Osy Ikhile, Paul G. Raymond and others. However, cameos from Aaron Paul and Kirsten Dunst, who were part of the original episode, are highly speculative.

Wrapping Up

Anticipation for ‘Black Mirror’ Season 7 continues to build with fans excited to see the return of the ‘USS Callister’. Despite facing the harsh realities of advanced technology, fans are eagerly waiting for the release to see how the crew fares in the sequel episode. Stay updated with the latest happenings by visiting HitPlay.

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