Dawson’s Creek Van Der Beek, Kerr Smith Recall Death Daring Incident

James Van Der Beek and Kerr Smith, celebrated actors from the hit TV show Dawson’s Creek, have recently reminisced about their wild escapades during their filming days. From daring jet ski adventures to racing hurricanes, the actors shared their risky experiences on set and behind the scenes.

A Look Behind the Scenes

During their time filming Dawson’s Creek in Wilmington, North Carolina, the two actors revealed that the location was a perfect setting for some water adventures. Explaining the setup, Smith, who played the character of Jack McPhee on the show, shared, “A couple of crew guys had boats and we used to take our guest stars and writers out on the water. We’d fill up boats with whatever we needed, have breakfast on the water, often featuring freshly-caught crab, and have barbecues on the island. And, of course, we all had jet skis.”

Close Calls on the Water

Smith recounted some dangerous incidents he experienced on jet skis. He shared one particular incident, where he was speeding at 70 miles an hour on the water when he hit a sandbar. “I flew 100 feet over the handlebars in the air and caused some waves,” he said.

Similarly, Van Der Beek, known to many as Dawson Leery, did not hold back from his love for the sea even during unfavorable weather conditions. “Wilmington used to get hit by hurricanes every year. And what I would do is book the first flight out the next morning, get on my jet ski, and ride the wave. It was a thrilling experience, the way I was going up with the wave; I even felt like I was 200 feet in the air!” he revealed.

Actors’ Troubles on the Set

Their daring exploits occasionally got them into predicaments. There were times when they would hit the rear jet on the ground or break the propeller, resulting in them needing “towage.” Despite these minor setbacks, their thrilling experiences created unforgettable memories during their time on Dawson’s Creek.

Dawson’s Creek and its Legacy

Dawson’s Creek ran for six successful seasons from 1998 to 2003 and boasted an ensemble cast, including Katie Holmes, Mary-Margaret Humes, Michelle Williams, John Wesley Shipp, Joshua Jackson, Mary Beth Peil, Busy Philipps, Nina Repeta and Meredith Monroe.

Wrapping Up

Looking back at Dawson’s Creek, it is evident that the journey and experiences of the actors off-set were as thrilling and adventurous as their on-screen counterparts. As fans of the series, these behind-the-scenes revelations only add to the fondness we hold for the show. Head over to HitPlay to relive the Dawson’s Creek experience and explore more curated content from your favorite series and films.

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