Comedian Kristen Wiig Returns to the Small Screen with ‘Palm Royale’

Kristen Wiig, popular for her eclectic lineup of on-screen characters and commendable prowess in different accents, is gearing up for yet another wide-ranging role. The beloved comedian and former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star will be portraying the ambitious character of Maxine Simmons in the new Apple TV+ comedy series, ‘Palm Royale’.

Kristen Wiig Delivers Thrilling Performance in ‘Palm Royale’

Set in Palm Beach’s high society in 1969, ‘Palm Royale’ features Wiig’s character attempting to snake her way into an exclusive and often perilous society. Wiig humorously mentioned that her character’s pronounced accent in the series is her best attempt at a Chattanooga accent, one which she practiced regularly in front of a mirror.

Star-studded Cast Supports Wiig in ‘Palm Royale’

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In addition to acting, Wiig also dons the hat of an executive producer for the series. The show comprises an illustrious cast including Allison Janney, Laura Dern (also an EP), Ricky Martin, Josh Lucas, Kaia Gerber, Carol Burnett, and Leslie Bibb.

The show’s visual brilliance is attributed to the creative artwork of Jon Carlos, the production designer, and Alix Friedberg who handled the remarkable costume design. Shot in luxurious location in Bel-Air, the series’ visual grandeur indeed takes the viewers on a retro journey back to 1969.

Riveting Stories Behind the Scenes

Allison Janney, who plays high society member Evelyn Rollins, was particularly intrigued by the characters’ lifestyles. She found the women living in an isolated bubble, oblivious to the world outside their high society, highly fascinating.

The show creator, Abe Sylvia, mentioned that the series was a mix of sticking to the script and leaning into improv, making it a unique watch.

The Iconic Guest Star – Carol Burnett

Adding a touch of seasoned expertise to the series, Carol Burnett features in a guest starring role. The legendary actress was a huge source of admiration and inspiration for the rest of the crew, especially Janney and Martin, who shared their interesting experiences working alongside Burnett.

Wrapping up

‘Palm Royale’ promises an enthralling experience for comedy lovers with its engaging storyline and brilliant cast. The series starts streaming on Apple TV+ on March 20. To enjoy this and many more exciting shows, visit HitPlay.

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