Jackson 5 Cast Revealed for Upcoming King of Pop Biopic

The upcoming biopic about Michael Jackson, aptly named “Michael,” has revealed its complete casting lineup for the Jackson 5 band members. The film, slated for release in the United States on April 18, 2025, has cast two respective actors to play each of the other four members of the hit group, depicting them at different stages in their lives.

The Casting Details

Jackson 5 Cast Photo 2024 Billboard 1240

A press release has announced that Jermaine, Marlon, Tito, and Jackie Jackson would have two actors each to portray their characters as they age throughout the film. Younger Jermaine will be enacted by Jayden Harville, whereas the older counterpart will be played by Jamal R. Henderson. Marlon’s younger self will be brought to life by Jaylen Lyndon Hunter, and his older version will be personified by Tre Horton. The role of younger Tito goes to Judah Edwards, with Rhyan Hill as his elder self. Last but not least, Nathaniel Logan McIntyre will portray a young Jackie, with Joseph David-Jones depicting Jackie in his later years.

Excited about the robust cast, producer Graham King stated, “The truly epic nature of this film required a total of ten actors with the talent to portray the Jackson 5 through the years. I’m thrilled to bring this extraordinary group of actors and performers to worldwide audiences in this film.”

Sneak Peek into The Storyline

“Michael” promises to deliver an honest and captivating portrayal of the King of Pop. The movie intends to encompass both personal challenges and unbeatable creative genius through his life, owed to the film’s description. By featuring his most iconic performances, “Michael” is set to present his life story on an epic, cinematic scale to the audience.

Wrapping Up

As the world anticipates the release of “Michael,” it’s clear that the biopic will offer an unprecedented insight into the trailblazing artist’s life. From the unparalleled cast to the heavy focus on behind-the-scenes and personal struggles, this film promises not only entertainment but also a genuine biographical experience of one of the most influential figures in pop-culture history. For those looking forward to this cinematic treat, head over to HitPlay for more intriguing updates.

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