Phoebe Bridgers Appears in Teaser for New Horror Movie

Following its highly acclaimed premiere at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, the gripping trailer for Jane Schoenbrun‘s new horror film, I Saw the TV Glow, has been unveiled by A24. The movie casts Justice Smith playing the character of Owen who becomes embroiled in a chilling mingling of television and reality, with dire consequences.

The Intriguing Plot

In the film, Owen strikes up an association with an older classmate, Maddy (Brigette Lundy-Paine). Under her influence, Owen gets addicted to a TV show, The Pink Opaque, that explores the lives of teens Tara (Lindsay Jordan) and Isabela (Helena Howard), who are psychically connected and face a monstrous entity in their county. However, the show serves as means for escape from their tumultuous adolescence.

Blurring Realities

As the film progresses, both Owen and Maddy begin to observe that the universe portrayed in The Pink Opaque starts merging with their own world. Initially, Owen tries to dismiss this bizarre phenomenon as merely an aspect of the TV show, but he is forced to face this bewildering distorted reality when Maddy mysteriously vanishes, and the series gets terminated.

The Stellar Cast

Schoenbrun’s movie features a star-studded cast including various musicians. Among them is Fred Durst, who plays the role of Owen’s father, Frank. Lindsay Jordan, also known for her stage name Snail Mail, marks her cinematic debut portraying Tara, one of the main characters from The Pink Opaque. Not only has she delivered a riveting performance on-screen, but also contributed an original song for the film’s soundtrack. Moreover, Grammy-winning singer Phoebe Bridgers makes a short appearance in the trailer, performing with Haley Dahl’s band, Sloppy Jane. An original track from Bridgers collaborating with Sloppy Jane also enriches the film’s soundtrack.

The Director’s Insight

While discussing the movie, Schoenbrun disclosed it deals with the concept of interplay between our true self and the conditioning we receive from the underlying signals all around us. For them, the film embodies those signals embedded in our childhood screen-watching experiences, presenting glimpses of magical or unconventional worlds, promising a realm beyond the normative milieu in which they were raised. The director believes it’s not an exclusive experience for queer trans people.

Release Date

Mark your calendars for May 3 as I Saw the TV Glow is all set to hit the cinema houses on this date.

Wrapping Up

From its noteworthy casts to its utterly absorbing plotline, Jane Schoenbrun’s I Saw the TV Glow presents a thrilling cinematic experience. Not forgetting to mention the enriching soundtrack that elevates the movie’s appeal. If this genre of horror-drama appeals to your curiosity, prepare to catch the movie in theaters. You can also discover a wide range of similar entertaining content by visiting HitPlay.

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