Helldivers 2 Update Increases Server Capacity Once More

In response to the overwhelming demand and popularity of the Helldivers 2 game, the creators, Arrowhead Game Studios, have sought to address the issue of too many players wanting to experience the new shooter at the same time. This led to an unacceptable increase in wait times as the server caps were constantly being hit. However, with the latest update, Arrowhead Game Studios has managed to significantly increase the server capacity. Following the recent update, the game can now accommodate 700,000 players concurrently with enhanced fixes and improvements, as detailed in the patch notes.

CEO Responds, Servers Updated

Arrowhead Game Studios, and more specifically, its CEO and creative director for Helldivers 2, Johan Pilestedt, addressed the playerbase regarding the server situation recently. After reiterating the problems via social channels, he updated the game players with an update. The cap for concurrent users has been raised to the 700,000 mark in response to the demand but Pilestedt admitted that even this limit was likely to be hit, leading to wait times for players during busy periods.

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Pilestedt stated that measures had been put in place to make the wait times more reasonable and improvements would continue to be made in preparation for the weekend rush of players.

No Longer Going Idle

Another significant change accompanying the server update is the introduction of a feature that kicks out AFK (away from the keyboard) players. This move was in response to a trend where Helldivers 2 players stayed logged into the game all day so that they could quickly join a match when ready. This behavior made it harder for new players logging in later in the day to join. Now, players who’ve been idle for 15 minutes will be kicked out, giving others a fair chance to log in and play.

It’s also worth noting that Arrowhead confirmed that the armor ratings in Helldivers 2are not currently functioning as intended. Players using heavy armor for defensive benefits might want to switch back to something lighter until this issue is addressed.

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Server and Game Improvements: Patch Notes

Arrowhead has released patch notes pertaining to the recent updates. Some of the important changes include increasing the server cap, identifying known issues such as text fulfilling requirements and social menus on the Player HUD, limit regulating during peak login times and some disconnection issues players may experience.

Wrapping Up

With a surge in player demand for Helldivers 2, the increased server capacity to accommodate 700,000 concurrent users, along with the introduction of the kick feature for AFK players shows the developers’ commitment to continually improve the gaming experience. Arrowhead has assured players that they are constantly working to fix known issues and bring about further improvements to enhance gameplay. Don’t forget you can enjoy your favorite games on HitPlay!