Hayden Panettiere Lands Lead Role in Lionsgate’s Kidnapping Thriller, Amber Alert

Hayden Panettiere, known for her roles in “Scream” and “Nashville,” is teaming up with Tyler James Williams of “Abbott Elementary” for a new kidnapping thriller, “Amber Alert.” This cat-and-mouse thriller film is being handled by Lionsgate, currently in post-production, and set to be released domestically. The storyline revolves around a normal day gone wrong as the leads discover they are trailing a possible child abductor, leading to a pursuit threatening their lives. Both of the renowned actors are also serving as executive producers for the film.

Hayden Panettiere Steps into Amber Alert

The film project “Amber Alert” was co-financed by Hungry Bull Productions, acclaimed for the Nicolas Cage movie “Pig”, and Three Point Capital. Hayden Panettiere and Tyler James Williams, the lead stars of the film, are working not only front of the camera but are also executive producers.

The Thrilling Plot

In the film, Panettiere plays Jaq, who is anticipating her first day at a new job. At the same time, Williams portrays Shane, her driver who is trying to earn a little extra income through his side job. However, their mundane day takes an unexpected turn when they receive a child abduction alert on their phones. Upon realizing that they are trailing the car described as the kidnapper’s, they decide to intervene. This impromptu decision leads to a life-threatening chase, forming the crux of the gripping plot.

Behind The Scenes

The film is directed by Kerry Bellessa, with the script written by Bellessa and Joshua Oram. It is produced by Joseph Restaino and Tony Stopperan under the Hungry Bull Productions banner, alongside Summer and Kerry Bellessa’s Bluefields Entertainment, and Leal Naim.

Previous Acclaims of The Star Cast

Hayden Panettiere made an impressive return to the silver screen last year with “Scream VI.” This followed her stellar performance in the ABC series “Nashville.” Alongside her, Tyler James Williams, known for his work in “Dear White People,” “Detroit,” and “The United States vs. Billie Holiday,” is also a part of this intriguing project.

Wrapping Up

“Amber Alert” promises to be an exciting, suspense-filled journey, backed by an exceptional cast and a thought-provoking plot. It will keep the audience on the edge of their seats, waiting for every twist and turn. To stay updated with latest releases and movie reviews, don’t forget to check out HitPlay.

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