Frank Grillo Shares Update on The Purge 6 Progress

The latest news from actor Frank Grillo offers fans of The Purge franchise some tantalizing information about its upcoming sixth installment. The dystopian action-horror films have long mesmerized audiences, and Grillo’s recent comments suggest that the final entry to the series is already on its way, with a completed script and the return of first three films’ director, James DeMonaco. This much-anticipated film is set to mainly revolve around Grillo’s character, Leo Barnes.

The Latest from Frank Grillo on The Purge 6

During a red carpet interview for the Lights Out, Grillo revealed that “the script is done”. He further clarified that the story will primarily focus on his character, Leo Barnes. The actor is well known for his roles in The Purge: Anarchy (2014) and The Purge: Election Year (2016).

Regarding DeMonaco’s possible return to the director’s chair, Grillo stated: “It would be the last of the last of the last, it’s like the guy who keeps retiring. James DeMonaco is going to direct it, if it happens, and it’s a matter of money. It’s a matter of how big they want the movie to be, how much money they want to spend on the movie, considering they’ve done a lot in this franchise. But it’s a great script.”

About The Purge Franchise

The Purge made its debut in 2013, capturing the attention of audiences with its intriguing premise and thrilling sequences. The film features Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey in the lead roles. Its immense success managed to give rise to four additional sequels so far, with the upcoming sixth one now being confirmed by Grillo.

The franchise revolves around an annual American holiday known as ‘The Purge’, where all types of crimes, including murder, are legalized for 12 hours. All American citizens are expected to participate, and the ones who refuse become targets for the lawless.

The last two installments of The Purge were penned by DeMonaco, with Gerard McMurray directing 2018’s The First Purge and Everardo Gout directing 2021’s The Forever Purge.

Wrapping Up

With Grillo’s recent revelations and the film’s original director on board, the final installment of The Purge franchise looks promising. While we await further news about developments on The Purge 6, fans can catch up on or revisit the earlier films in the franchise to relish the chilling narratives. Those intrigued by engaging, dystopian horror films can explore more such content at HitPlay.

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