Machine Gun Kelly Responds After Megan Fox Discusses Miscarriage

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have recently navigated a heavy, devastating event, bringing more depth to their personal and professional lives. After dealing with a couple’s challenges, their strength and resilience were put to the test again when they went through a miscarriage. The Jennifer’s Body actress talked openly about this sorrowful event, while MGK chose to express his feelings through a heartfelt new song, “Don’t Let Me Go”. This tragic experience ultimately provided a deeply intimate look into their relationship and gave them an unexpected, albeit sorrowful, source of inspiration.

Machine Gun Kelly’s New Heartfelt Track

MGK’s new music video for the song “Don’t Let Me Go” spotlights his feelings about the miscarriage. His impressive black-out tattoo look mirrors the profound emotion he communicates through the lyrics, each word painting a raw picture of his mental and emotional states during this time. A poignant line from the song encapsulates his grief: “How can I live with the fact/That my hand wasn’t on her stomach when we lost the baby?/I don’t got no one to turn to/’Cause everyone’s dead in my life that was tryna raise me.”

Ongoing Struggles and Therapeutic Healing

MGK, born as Colton Baker, is no stranger to vulnerability. He’s been open about his past struggles, which include a near-fatal self-harm incident in 2020 and a traumatic concert accident in 2022. However, therapy has been a constant source of support in his life. It helped him mend his relationship issues with Megan Fox, fostering open communication, trust, and honesty in their partnership, and aided him in managing and overcoming his previous drug abuse issues. MGK’s decision to use music as an emotionally healthy outlet for expression provides a hopeful sign of his progress in personal growth and healing.

Megan Fox’s Heartrending Poetic Musings

Megan Fox, famed for her role in Transformers and a mother of three with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green, revealed her heart-wrenching experience of pregnancy loss. Her recent poetry book, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous, features two poems about her miscarriage titled “i” and “ii”. Her poignant and painful lines such as, “Do you think that if she could have she would have left a suicide note?” and “they rip you from my insides” are a testament to her heart-rendering ordeal. She hopes her words will inspire others to courageously speak up about their experiences, exposing the buried emotions and realities surrounding such tragic experiences.

Wrapping Up

Through their unique artistic expressions, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have bravely and evocatively communicated their shared grief and emotional journey following their miscarriage. Our sympathies go out to them during this period of healing and adjustment. Keep an eye out for any potential creative pursuits or projects involving this resilient pair in our 2024 movie releases.

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