Sandler, Mulligan, Dano Discuss Netflix’s ‘Spaceman’

Actor Adam Sandler has shared his experience of playing Jakub, a lonely astronaut in the Swedish director Johan Renck’s movie “Spaceman.” In a recent press conference, Sandler evoked laughter with his jokes while answering serious questions about the themes of isolation and disconnection prevalent in the movie.

Spaceman: A Journey into Loneliness

Sandler’s character, Jakub, in Spaceman takes a trip into space but experiences existential loneliness. On exploring this unique aspect in the film, the actor humorously recommended that everyone should spend time alone in a spaceship. Despite the comic relief, the theme of solitude forms a significant aspect of Spaceman.

The shooting of the film occurred towards the end of the pandemic, an occurrence that unintentionally amplified the theme of isolation, as many of the film’s actors didn’t get the chance to meet in person during the shooting. Actor Kunal Nayyar joked about only seeing Sandler, the lead actor, at the airport.

Filming Spaceman

The movie, which included sequences of Sandler working with a tennis ball while hanging from a crane, was shot in disparate locations such as Prague and New York. The tennis ball, according to Sandler, helped him feel the character’s loneliness.

Spaceman is inspired by the novel Spaceman of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfar. The story revolves around Jakub, a cosmonaut from a Czech-led space mission investigating a cosmic cloud with the potential to reveal the secrets of the universe.

Renck’s Unique Approach to Filmmaking

Johan Renck, who is more widely recognized for his award-winning work on Chernobyl and music video projects with high-profile artists such as Beyoncé, Madonna, and David Bowie, talked about his distinct approach to filmmaking. Renck emphasized the significance of creating fresh and inventive content rather than drawing inspiration from existing works.

Loneliness and Disconnection in Spaceman

“Loneliness is a perpetual human condition that we try to overcome as best we can,” said Renck. The director emphasized how the film explores not only loneliness but also disconnection, themes that were unintentionally heightened due to the pandemic-imposed shooting conditions.

Onscreen Spider Sparks Curiosity

The movie features a peculiar element in the form of an extraterrestrial spider (played by Paul Dano), a creature living in the spaceship that eventually becomes Jakub’s guide and companion in dealing with his loneliness and looming existential crisis. This development sparked a lot of curiosity during the press conference.

“Children have cured my arachnophobia,” Renck said, referring to questions about the spider character and its significance in the film.

Paul Dano’s Perspective on Loneliness

Dano presents a deeper perspective on the role of his character, the Spider, which he calls a “spirit guide.” He touched on the universal necessity of companionship, a theme central to the narrative of Spaceman.

Wrapping Up

Spaceman, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival on February 21, is a deep delve into the exploration of loneliness and disconnection. Its star-studded cast, paired with the directorial prowess of Johan Renck, makes it an upcoming film worth watching out for. Netflix will be releasing the film worldwide.

If you want to check out the Spaceman trailer, it’s available on YouTube.

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